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  1. 15 hours ago, Herfaceremains said:

    don’t know if this was posted anywhere, but it’s a decent interview. 

    Madonna was quite candid with and warm to Dan in this interview. Fabulous interaction between these two. And his top 5 list of M songs was unpredictable. "You'll See" and "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" being two of the most impactful tracks in his life.   

    Thanks for posting.

  2. 17 hours ago, madonnaman said:

    I agree, toujours Xfellow fan from the '80s. What an incredible ride we've been on since her debut. Let's recap:

    Madonna, Like a Virgin, True Blue, Who's That Girl, Like a Prayer, Dick Tracy, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Evita, Ray of Light, Music, American Life, Confessions on a Dance Floor (still my favorite album), Hard Candy, MDNA, Rebel Heart, Madame X

    Madonnaman X
    fan since 1982

    Yes, madonnaman! We've been with QoP since the dawn of time, er her career. ^_- She has "soundtracked" the peaks and valleys of every fan's life. And we'll stick by her 'til the kingdom come, right?

  3. 4 hours ago, madonnaman said:


    MADONNA - Madame

    Happy Release day June 14, 2019

    My favorite cuts from the new album are:
    #1 Crave
    #2 Come Alive
    #3 Faz Gostoso
    #4 Bitch I'm Loca
    #5 I Don't Search I Find

    What a shocking, otherworldly performance by Madonna on her 14th studio album. All the delays she took was well worth it. It looks like her entire fanbase is really happy with her latest accomplishments. Madonna focused on her craft and produced what is her most eclectic package yet. Congratulations Madonna! We are such lucky fans.

    I use the very basic version of Spotify to stream these days. 

    fan since 1982

    Love the top 4 songs you mentioned

  4. 1 hour ago, karbatal said:

    There's something off from Germanic countries. It's as if Madame X pushed any weird button or something. The only places with bad reviews have been Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Weird! 

    Maybe these reviewers are strongly averse to one-eyed 'freedom fighter.' Or they feel that edm and pop-rock (especially in the vein of modern talking, michael learns to rock, and michael learns to rock) are superior to romance/latin music. -_~

  5. 1 hour ago, Msig said:

    Danish music magazine Gaffa published their review of Madame X. Here's my rough translation:


    Split personality from Portugal



    It's obivious that Madonna's fourteenth album, Madame X, was inspired by sounds from all over the world, serving you anything from Eurodance to Latin rhythms. Several songs are even bilingual, with Madonna singing in Spanish and Portuguese.

    Madonna has explained that the Madame X  character has several identities. She is a professor, a home carer, a nun and more. Similarly, the album reflects several personalities. The 15 new songs (18 on the deluxe version) might as well have been recorded by several different artists and not just one. Here, the 60-year-old singer shows how versatile she is, but unfortunately it is also the reason why it takes quite a few listens to understand the album as a whole.

    The highlights are few, but undeniably strong. "Crave" is slick and almost minimalist in comparison with the rest of the album. "Medellín" gives you eurodance vibes on top of a well-produced electronic beat. "I Rise" stands as a beacon on an album which, at first listen, is dominated by unmemorable songs.



    Previous Madonna ratings by Gaffa:

    • Rebel Heart: 3/6
    • MDNA: 4/6
    • Hard Candy: 3/6
    • Confessions on a Dance Floor: 3/6
    • American Life: 5/6
    • Music: 4/6
    • Ray of Light: 4/6

    Bwahahaha. This is a critic? 

  6. Cleverly placed tracks # 8 (CRAVE), # 9 (CRAZY) & # 10 (COME ALIVE) act as the centrifugal force of MX.

    Not too far left nor far right as she warbles in the next track. They keep the musical direction of the album grounded.

    The sonic Frankenstein tracks # 2 (DARK BALLET) and # 3 (GOD CONTROL) heighten each other's bizarre, out-of-this-world musical virtues.Their political overtones are balanced out by the swirling, inventive beats and rhythms. Potentially, casual fans and the listening public will find these songs divisive and overblown. 

    MX is Madonna's best album this decade. Her investment in each production is palpable. How it stacks up against her all-time greats is up for discussion.  

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