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  1. Shocked there’s only been 2 mixes of Medellin. It’s still the most played song in uk on radio 2 , it’s still a great bop. They really could have done more with selling the song . The optimism , video launch etc was largely positive. Few dance mixes would keep it going as again disappointingly Crave is becoming the new ghosttown
  2. I wouldn’t mind this plus I don’t get the hate for celebration , at least it tried to cover a larger collection of her work . But yes including flops like miles away instead of real hits was a bit ??!. The new one can include GMAYL, GGW, TUTR, LFL, Ghosttown, BIM, Medellin, Crave and next single. Plus a dvd of all the vids , I’m here for it . Anyway for now we have MX so that’s the focus
  3. There’s no cgi involved Madonna could easily pass for 30 years old , she’s never looked better
  4. So this is the press conference ? Will the sound be blamed ? Where is the link , anyone . Is it twitter live ?
  5. Can the moderators delete the Eurovision topics , too depresssing and things are moving on now with seemingly album reviews out tomorrow as well as official crave launch . Let’s move on
  6. Wow shocked at that asi think Medellin is great . Those remixes went down well too . Jeez I’m so disappointed in this
  7. Forbes article mentioned Medellin peaked on dance chart at 16 and that was a disappointing end to her no.1s on that chart . Is this true ??? I thought it was still climbing ??
  8. This is why like it or not she has to do something fast to try help herself out of this . I don’t know what she can do but something . I have a feeling she knows this too
  9. Before people attack and say , why should she and there’s no need . I’m just wondering do you all think she will do something to try eradicate the hate . Because she is aware of it , the gazillion posts on her insta of photos from it , the posts about criticism and complaining and the ahem edited YouTube video so she’s hearing the hate , albeit unwarranted and unnecessary but will she do anything , impromptu appearance ? Interview ? Something? plus , as pre mentioned I know she doesn’t or shouldn’t have to but me thinks M will be plotting something new to reduce the shit she’s been getting . I can’t believe we’ll just get another pre order song and that’s it . Anyway just wondering do you think if something will happen
  10. Talk shows do nothing for sales to be fair . America is not there for her anymore , I’m surprised she’s even doing the theatre dates there . Despite last nights controversies I think Europe is still much more there for her .
  11. It’s so sad she’s getting this amount of hate , it really is . I do need a cleanse from it and stay away from it I think , it’s so disappointing. Time will hopefully help , there’s three weeks til album is out , do you think she will do anything before it’s here
  12. No one can touch her , everrrrrrr. Amazing
  13. Now , I love her . Icon . Amazing
  14. Who said it was a requirement to sing live , absolute everyone badly lip synching right now
  15. Just wondering does anybody know anybody that will be at the show tonight , friend , social media people you follow . Would love some inside scoops , not spoilers but I hope the audience pay her respect ie a lot of cheering , clapping , screaming !! It wasn’t amazing response when hosts kept mentioning her at semi finals. I want people losing their shit .. in a good way
  16. Love your enthusiasm, so nice and now rare to read on any online forum . I had to leave another Fan site last year after been accused of being too “glass half full” and I’m glad to see that madonnanation is not near half as negative or depressing as that other one . Here’s to M slaying tonight everyone !
  17. Anybody else a bit miffed she’s doing 2 album tracks and not actually 2 singles that have “some” publicity and relevance to the general public . Suppose Maluma is on tour it’s not happening . Anyway hope she’s leaving like a prayer to last , Ending a huge appearance on 2 never before heard album tracks ??
  18. So do I but just read that Lewis Capaldi is the highest pre ordered album of all time in uk and it’s released 2 weeks ahead of MX. He’s gonna be another Adele and stay there for at least 20 weeks a la Ed Sheeran we cant say she didn’t try though , gutted all the same
  19. So crave and like a prayer it is . Love Crave but unsure how they’ll merge the two . yes the stage does look smaller than usual Eurovision’s , theatre style ?
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