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  1. Thanks , Ibe been deflated thinking she won’t get the no.1s now in uk or us but I’ve been trying to come to terms with it now . Plus , if Madame x lasts longer than 4 or 5 weeks in charts and doesn’t free fall then it may be a bonus . I’m hoping the era won’t end in week 2.
  2. Yep and they have been no.1 on preorders all along , I said this at the start Bruce Springsteen isn’t the threat , bastille are
  3. Agree , I have bought multiple copies and will stream as much as I can . Maybe dumb question but buying a bundle off Madonna store does that contribute towards American charts or where it’s sent to ?
  4. So I don’t read lil nas is confirmed for 14 June anywhere so was that rumourville?? It’s battle with Just Bruce now so
  5. This .subtle but better promo. Actions speak louder than words and all that . If she nailed 1 song on the show and said thank you bye , watch those sales go up
  6. Just reading updated listings today on tv digitally and print and they don’t mention her as part of guest list for his chat show ,just all the others . I’m guessing it’s a video transfer segment from her “audience with” show. That or it’s a completely different other show .
  7. Sorry still confused , so she’s on the chat show or a separate one to herself or both ??
  8. With 6 days left of sales what are your opinions on Madame x chart debut . Are we looking at top 5 now that lil nas and Bruce same day & bastille . I’m so disappointed. Wish she’d delay release now
  9. Omg , I freaking love it . She is just untouchable . Amazing artistry audibly and visually . Love love love it
  10. Interesting !! This would be amazing promo . Be on the show for a few minutes but coming up straight after a live and exclusive short concert with q and a . I can dream
  11. Omg!!!!! She hates it !! Look at her Instagram . She is so upset and angry about the article . Omgg !!!!
  12. Sorry I posted about this in another thread , Apols. Anyway I was basically saying these beautiful pictures and interview is making Madonna the no .1 trend on Twitter and it’s all pretty good
  13. Madonna is No.1 trending topic on Twitter this evening in my country , Ireland . Random I know but it’s mostly based in The NY Times interview and its accompanying photos. Mostly positive , ok maybe it’s a slow news day here but the power of Madonna . I’m throwing in my fair share of the Madame X reviews from critics to keep it half glass full
  14. Please do. Because the “fans” that were at the mtv launch and Eurovision were positively mute . Zero interest , you could hear a pin drop at both Occasions , I was like “is there 1 single fan in the audience anywhere “ . grammys were nice and loud I’ll give them that
  15. And deservedly so. Mdna was highly acclaimed upon release and was deemed a real return to form as a proper Madonna album after the awful hard candy . If Madame X is as good as mdna I’ll be very happy . 4 stars is great for MX . Q know their stuff . They rightly gave 5 stars to like a prayer too so I’d believe q over the Gaga Stan on rolling stone anyday
  16. It’s stuck at 2.1m views on YouTube for 4 days , is anybody watching it ??
  17. A great idea . Pack the week up with 6 remixes of crave and Medellin and voila. Plus it’s a pity the timing of album doesn’t fit the schedules of Strictly in uk or DWTS in other European countries as laugh or not those programmes are Huge . She or even using her music would have been great promo . Oh well
  18. Ah This explains everything, Gaga got her fan to write the new Madonna album review but hey RS gave her worst album HC the highest score , says it all really . Next real review please
  19. Why do they never ask her questions about music or what she would like to achieve in stead of “Portugal influences, kids being minded” yaaaaaawn
  20. Madame X likes to express her anger with her “fuck you” message!! I’m all for this but she’s gotta admit if she’s had even an ounce of the energy in this video at Eurovision she wouldn’t have had this backlash
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