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  1. Please don't troll me because I'm a madonna Stan, but let's be honest the Eurovision performance was bad. Madonna did another performance with those hologram things which was a hundred times better.
  2. Batuka is epic and in a better world should have blown up everywhere. Love it and madonna made it about the people and culture and not about herself, which brought something special to the whole process. Such a shame it only has a few million views in utube as it deserves so much more.
  3. Crave is a great song, like a few people have said, I'm also not into remixes of songs. Personally Crave touches my soul when I think about relationships in my private life. That intro at the beginning, I relate too 100%. It touches my soul making me think about what guy do I want in my life, as I always get involved with the wrong ones. Anyway I also love the video and the bit at the end where the hands nearly touch, sharing that energy....wow..
  4. My 14 yr old daughter loves bitch I'm loca.....
  5. Sad about the shootings in the US. My thoughts are with their families and friends. The video is one of her best in years. The views are definitely increasing and the trolls have taken over. But let's hope the message and video become more visible to the general public.
  6. God Control, the visuals are everything. What an incredible song and video, it's up there with the greats....... Batuka, touches the soul and is a close second, love how madonna took a back seat and let the people take centre stage, telling their story.
  7. Sad God Control doesn't have more u tube views. What an amazing song and video.
  8. Epic...Batuka is one of my favorite tracks, alongside God control and dark ballet.
  9. There is nothing suspicious about my post. I've been a member a year, I'm no troll. I'm simply stating a fact. If you compare how amazing Madonna sang on the rebel heart tour to Eurovision and NYC pride, there is a massive difference. This is a forum and everybody including me is entitled to an opinion. I'm not trashing Madonna but something seems off.
  10. Now Batuka is truly an epic song. One of my absault favourites.....
  11. Just seen some NYC pride on utube. She looks great and the outfits look amazing. I love Madame X and God control. But let's be honest here, the singing sadly wasn't great, gave up after a few minutes, No hate please I love Madonna x x but I have to be honest.
  12. Well it's coming up with sub titles now, so someone has tried and it didn't skip or stop like usual!!
  13. Well I'm a member here so I will say what I personally think. Like a prayer......could have been better vocal performance but didn't think it was as bad as people make out. Probably the outfit didn't help Madonnas ability to move about. What I did like was the visuals, the church theme with the red and black. Madonna pulls religion off really well. Well religion and sex together. Future.....loved this much more, the visuals were epic, yeah a bit over autotuned. I found it up lifting and really enjoyed it. Made me proud to be a fan. I will probably get burned alive for saying this but I would have preferred Madonna to perform her hit music at the show......And instead of the earlier bit in the show when she was talking, cut that out and they should have given her more time to sing. Perhaps a hit from each decade. All the negativity just makes me sad. Madonna has empowered me so much and still does, absolutely love her.
  14. "I Rise" I personally love it, I connect with it instantly. And I woke up Friday morning, a friend had sent me a link to the song. What made it even more special, Friday was the last day of my counselling, so empowering to receive this song from Madonna on the same day!. Yeah in 6 months my life has certainly changed. It's nearly at 1 million views on you tube, yeah....
  15. Absolutely love it, what a great way to wake up, to a new Madonna song! It just leaves me wanting more, more more!! This is turning out to be such an amazing era already, we are so lucky!
  16. Medellin is a grower. First listen I wasn't sure but it definitely grows on the listener quickly. It stands a chance of success. 2.5 million views in 24 hrs can't be bad for someone nearly 40 years into their career. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Deffinately her best released single in many years, love it....
  17. I think Madonna is shooting a couple of videos, possibly three, which is all we normally get, now to save time. She can then concentrate on the tour. I don't think sadly she will do a video for each song on the album, the cost would be huge. I think we will get the standard one single released at a time, which is fine. We have to be realistic but it's nice to dream for sure! All super exciting and I love, dark hair Madonna.
  18. I don't usually swear but......... Madonna ....wheres the FUCKING album? It's been nearly FOUR years!!!!! I love you to bits, but we're on our knees now?!!! Yeah I like that position but please give me the album or at least a single that I can stream to death......I'm begging......not being disrespectful but TIME isn't on your side ... Jon xxx
  19. After all the shit I'm going through, this is giving me life!!!! I'm so excited, couldn't sleep and it's 5.40am, lol, no way I'm going back to bed now, yeah.....
  20. Now that would be a great idea, I hate Christmas anyway lol ...
  21. Come on Madonna.....I am just dying waiting for M14 and the wait is just killing me!! This is harder than coming out....I thought that was tough!!! Please give us an amazing song and video. It's nearly Autumn in the UK and I need cheering up!!!
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