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  1. So amazing. I cried each Times i have played it. One of the best videos ever imo
  2. I can' t even remember , maybe ROL ? And this time it is not only about the number, but the quality is on point, as i consider the rating of Mme X videos as: Medellin 10/10 , Dark Ballet 10/10 , Crave 8/10. From the Deeper & Deeper vibe , and the politic message GC seems amazing
  3. Someone should turn {{ She is dead now }} into a meme asap.
  4. I looooove this one. This is the song that allways dares me to resist to sing-along. I fail each time
  5. I did not get why is mandatory to have unfavorites. For me the 15 tracks Deluxe is perfection , even the weaker tracks works great as part of the album. The only ones that did not impress me much are the bonus tracks. They are nice but not infintite loops quality like the album. This is i think the first album that i listen begining to end since Coadf, i mean all artists
  6. Superbly written, superbly produced, and superbly sung. Reminds me a bit of Live to tell soundwise
  7. - Esther do you like the music ? Esther fake sleep to avoid answearing
  8. I' ve read on The Invented that this is the most downloaded ringtone of alarm clock . Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up . Kidding aside this that kind of song that unconsciously, i start to hum as i progress trough my daily bizs
  9. I think M's voice really shines trough this one.
  10. The final song is so pomped up , that it makes the demo sound like an amish hwo is vegan basicness
  11. Amazing song. Gladly it has nothing to do with differents renditions of Ciao Bella that circulated between EU Latin countries
  12. Batuka is a big surprise, mesmerisingly interesting and hypnotic. Reminds me of Push a bit.
  13. I would have sweard that Bitch is a Diplo track.
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