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  1. I don't think is autoctone, but most mirwais sound.
  2. I really doubt that, so you take It personal if she didn't come to tour Oz? I don't think you are so weird. I think instead that in the name of progress someone said that streaming is the way we child get music. Making Us more lazy than before. I don't think this way could help to have good music on chart. So i'm An old day dreamer. I can't accept new artists especially talentless females like the ones i've mentioned and i can't accept the way we purchase new music
  3. I think that oz was the first country that abbandoned her with USA, so then comes the Uk. So i assume that there's something wrong in the speaking english countries. Maybe she offended them in some way... maybe she said that the way this countries support stupid artist like Gaga, swift, Rihanna, perry and counting... It's so embarrasing. I don't kwon. The only thing i know is that you infected all the world with stupid instruments like digital at first than streaming, in the name of progress you, in term of collectivity, destroyied music and great artist. Now take what you deserve.
  4. I don't think that is for the age, i think it's a boycott. By the way If the market was physical like It was in the 90 she will have chart Well.
  5. Just to compare, someone knows where the lead single of the last mariah album landed on Itunes charts?
  6. If people don't understand the difference between a scenic weapon and a mortal weapon what you write is completely stupid.
  7. It's embarassing read comment like this, when You all became art director? Tone down guys.
  8. Sorry if i don't write at all, working time eats all my day. I'm just going mad with all of this waiting. Every fucking day i go to her innstagram account to understand what's going on... I can't wait anymorreeee
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