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  1. My cd for the ticket bundle shipped today. At least that’s something bc everything else is on back order or production delay. Attending the pop up..hope i can get the items and exclusives there.
  2. Yes. This video is about the movement and the resilience of the human spirit...does not pander nor is it narcissistic
  3. Yep...may buy Prince Originals when it’s released but nothing else on the horizon. Digital copies from merch count only if they are downloaded or it doesn’t matter?
  4. Billboard write up...mentions Pulse night club and fan comments/reactions... good promo Title: Madonna shares dark teaser for God Control video https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8516496/madonna-teaser-god-control-video Apologies it was already posted but I checked the thread and didn’t see it.
  5. Yea. I only buy the Queen stuff! I used to buy CDs and albums on iTunes but now I have an iTunes monthly membership $10 p/ month and Spotify to stream old stuff and new stuff. Only streaming Madame on both simultaneously at the moment.
  6. yep, I ordered one for my big sis as a bday/pride gift...UGH!UGH!
  7. Just receivedseveral emails regarding all of my MADameX merch....all of my items are experiencing production delays and will not ship out eariler than 6/24. WTF!
  8. the Music is what MATTERS. Still in awe of this EPIC eccentric masterpiece that is MadameX!
  9. I tweet @pitchfork regarding the review. I refuse to give this troll any recognition by tweeting at him. I simply question Pitchfork's credibility and relevancy.
  10. Crave has a chance based on some radio play, new streams, and album sales. Best hope
  11. My SPS-ing alone should add 30000 equivalent units
  12. Idolator 4.5/5 Album review - Madonna's Madame X pushes the boundaries of Pop! https://www.idolator.com/7803119/album-review-madonna-madame-x?view-all&chrome=1 In many ways, Madame X is Madonna’s most personal album to date. She’s speaking her truth, while revealing more of herself than ever. It might not be the collection of bangers you want, but it’s what we, as a society, need. The fact that she can stoke the flames of rebellion in a way that is original, vulnerable and inclusive (in the truest sense of the word) is a pop miracle. But, then again, Madonna has been rewriti
  13. Mediabase Building Chart CRAVE #40 on HOT AC, and #17 on AC HOT AC screenshot: This Week #40 Last Week #47
  14. “Madonnas most compelling album in years.” The Boston globe is 80. Already posted to Metacritic https://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/music/2019/06/13/madonnaalbum/IdjGquaCB1mDYgXgawpIGJ/story.html Any update on NYT review/score?
  15. She was charismatic, funny, smart, and quirky w/a dash of sarcasm episode below
  16. It’s bizarre the union of the Starrah songs and Mirwias songs. That which only the Madonna could do
  17. I’m streaming streaming and streaming on Spotify premium and iTunes but got the CD for the quality of sound and insert too
  18. Overdose! I have listened continuously w exception of 4hrs slept
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