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  1. Immaculate Collection Surges on U.S. iTunes

    The best we can get is probably just "silent" Hi-Res Digital releases on HDTracks of her albums (just like it happened for her classic catalogue) and that's all. I personally stopped hoping for Vinyl re-releases, special anniversary editions, boxsets and so forth. Maybe, one day, when she will quit music altogether we will start seeing something special. But until then, it's all smoke and mirrors.
  2. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    Didn't knew that. That's a wonderful surprise, indeed. Though I would have loved to see them both on the final Blu-Ray. We'll see what she will do for the 20th Anniversary of Ray Of Light.
  3. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    Yeah, I know that. But I'm expecting a comeback of those 2 songs on her future tours. She didn't played those 2 songs since 2012. So it's definitely time to dust them off, specially now that Ray Of Light is approaching 20. I see the anniversary of the album as a great opportunity to play those songs again.
  4. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    Definitely agree with you @Bat-Fanand @Kim. The show could have been great. My only complaint is that I would have really loved to see "Frozen" and "Drowned World" getting a comeback on this tour. Those are the songs I grew up with, so they have a really special place in my heart. And I never get tired of listening to them......I just can't get enough of them. Why she doesn't play them live anymore is still beyond me.
  5. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    It's definitely not that hard to learn all of that by yourself, actually. I started make my way through audio/video editing when I was only 15. I learned the basic things. Then, as years progressed, I learned more and more. And today I'm specialized in both surround sound editing as well as general video/multimedia editing. And that was all when guides and wiki's didn't existed. Today there's plenty of FAQs, forums and wiki's that definitely make the learning process very easy and accessible to almost anyone who's already brave enough with computers. Not to mention that programs have become more user-friendly than they actually were back in the early 2000's. So it's definitely not that hard. Everything you need is at your fingertips, really.
  6. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    It's a pretty neat little program once you get the hang out of it. It can do a lot of things. I use it pretty much on every PAL-encoded DVDs, to speed the audio down easily from 25fps to the original movie FPS (which is 23.976fps). I used to speed down the audio of all my PAL DVDs to 23.976fps using a common audio editor, in the past (a very pain-stakingly job). But ever since this little program came out, i'm only using that to fix that and many other audio problems I might encounter with certain DVD/Blu-Ray titles. It has always working wonders, for me, so far
  7. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    If it's really out-of-sync, there is a workaround for that. Just rip the Blu-Ray to your computer, decode the DTS track with eac3to and re-encode it to AC3. After that, download and fire up MKVToolnix, load both the .m2ts file as well as the AC3 file you created with AC3 and, in the audio options, add a -1200ms delay. Mux everything.....et voilà. You should now have a fully synced Blu-Ray
  8. I know that this will never happen (but dreaming isn't something really bad, isn't it? ) but I would really love to see Trent Reznor on the samplers. The guy definitely knows how to put a great show. Not to mention that he's also a very talented remixer/producer too. And, beside touring together with Madonna, I would definitely love to see an entire Madonna album produced by him.
  9. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    I know. I wish I would've come more often to the forums. But i'm not living a very great period of my life. My grandma is slowing passing away, and i've also been very busy with work, so there it is. But, anyway. I already ordered the Japan edition aswell. It should arrive within 14 days, if everything goes well (still also waiting for my RHT UK copy to arrive). So, for me, the problem is solved. I don't really care that much about posters, so I will skip the Taiwan edition. The Japan edition should be enough to satisfy my collector needs ;)
  10. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    Still haven't received my "combo" pack, which includes both RHT and S&S on Blu-Ray. Should had already arrived by now (damn slow-ass Postal system) But, on a side note, I was lucky enough to get a used copy of The Virgin Tour DVD on Ebay at a very good price. And i'm definitely excited to have got that one for only $12, instead of $34 (like in the Madonna Store). Anyway, back to this release. Someone said that this release looks awful. But, after seeing the full 2hr TV broadcast in crystal-clear HD (on a 4K TV with HDR enabled), back in August, I have to disagree. The editing does fit the fast songs very well, in my opinion. It's very stylish (typical of a Pop concert) and non-repetitive. And it's the kind of fast-pacing editing I like to use, from time to time, on the wedding videos I edit for work. And the video is definitely top-notch crystal-clear gorgeous. What you guys didn't liked about this release?
  11. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Should be listed as either [IMPORT] or [Japan Edition]. But, to be sure you get what you really want, I would buy it from CDJapan. At least you know that you will definitely get the Japan edition of the album/Blu-Ray.
  12. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    I have plenty of David Bowie/Celine Dion/Marilyn Manson Japanese releases, as well as many movies on Blu-Ray (mainly Steelbooks and special editions). I'm a very passionate collector, when it comes to movies/artists I like. So it's not a problem, for me, to get also this one from Japan, too, sometime in the future. But it's definitely a bummer double-dipping for only a song. Wish there was, maybe, something more to justify the price of the import.
  13. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    If only I knew it before I wouldn't have bought the UK Blu-Ray. My guess is that she probably didn't obtained the rights from the Japanese broadcasters, hence why it's only available to the Japanese market. Whatever the real problem is behind this drastic decision, it's such a shame, really :( It's a very great performance.
  14. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Unfortunately I don't have a LD player, so my only choice is those LD rips that are out there. I wanted to get a LD player myself a few months ago. But even in the used market prices are just way too high for me. As for the Girlie DVD, I definitely agree with you. And that's why I always watch it in Stereo. The 5.1 mix sounds way too homemade to be considered a good professional mix.
  15. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Yeah, I know that. But I would really love to see a special Collector's Boxset, in the future, containing the 2 Blond Ambition concerts as well The Girlie Show one, ALL completely remastered, and ALL in one boxset. It would definitely be a very great way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of those tours. That was Madonna at her best. And in my book, those are definitely must-have releases, both for fans and non-fans. ;)