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  1. Supposed Singles ?

    I was just gonna say it. 😊 It's one of my favorite tracks on RH, right after Ghosttown. A video, in the style of Frozen or Bedtime Story, would have been absolutely fantastic. And it would had definitely suited the song nicely, in my opinion. Such a shame that she choosed that lazy "abomination" that is BIM as a single, instead of the very wonderful, deep and introspective song that is Devil Pray. 😕
  2. Same for me. ROL is DEFINITELY a gem, and it does affect my soul in a big way, as well. Love the lyrics and the production of that album. It's a great journey deep into the soul, much like it is Dion's ANDHC and Sting's BND.
  3. Debunked Stories

    Nah....😁 Gimme Debunked Story (I feel like God, I feel like shit remix) anytime, man. 😊
  4. Debunked Stories

    Great stuff, buddy. ;) 😊 It's very original....love it ;)😆
  5. Debunked Stories

    Amen to that, pal! There is only one Queen. The others are just bad imitations.
  6. M14 producers wishlist

    Brian Eno, definitely. I always loved his work with Depeche Mode, U2 and David Bowie. And i'm pretty sure that he could also make a very great job on the new Madonna album, as well.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Why she should? It's her witty, down-to-earth and easy-going nature. She is, along with Kate Winslet (another very great woman), a person who's definitely not afraid of showing her real self and exposing her humanitarian and ordinary side to the public. You can't change that. It's in her DNA. And, personally, I still think that Big M still is a very interesting, intelligent, wonderful and very sexy woman, even without makeup. Personally I find more boring and redundant seeing celebs posting only what they're having for lunch/dinner, or what they're currently watching on TV (who cares, anyway), than a person who's very open about her private life and not afraid of showing her face without makeup, and what she's up to in her ordinary everyday life. And, no. She doesn't look like a 70yo woman. She just look like a very wonderful Lady and mother, who loves her kids and who lives life to the fullest.
  8. Madonna Mania

    So amazing!!
  9. Same for me, man. Same. Although, for me, the same concept also applies to Marilyn Manson, David Bowie and Trent Reznor. I have a MAD respect for them. I grew up with them. And people who say shit about them, or don't understand their extensive art and evolution, both as artists and persons, they're definitely not welcome in my world. I'm always open for good, intelligent and rational criticism. But saying random shit about an artist who has been sold millions of records, definitely not.
  10. She's a very talented woman. She DEFINITELY can write very more deep and meaningful lyrics than those lazy ones of MDNA or even those of Bitch I'm Madonna. Just the album's title, alone, is already promising. Hope this time she does get back on her feet, and release something that I can relate to and that get stuck with me, definitely.
  11. Exactly my point from the very beginning.
  12. Definitely, man. MDNA it's one of my least favorites albums by Madonna (I hardly even listen to it anymore, these days). I want something cool that definitely stands out from the other mainstream productions.......something fresh and very unique. Hope she doesn't disappoint us.
  13. I can wait for the new album. If all this waiting means that we'll get a very cool album, at the end, then be it. Personally, I'm willing to wait even up to 2019, if that means having a pretty good and solid album at the end. I wouldn't want to have something released in the first quarter of 2018, and that definitely feels rushed and out-of-phase.
  14. The latest posts of this thread.... Hahaha heh hrahaha hraha hra haha XD
  15. Gone are the days of good 'ol MTV, big promotions, big-budget videos and heavy radio play. Today is all about what's trending and popular on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. And if they do actual talk about a legend, they only talk about it briefly, in the news, when he/she has an upcoming gig in Italy, or if he/she is involved in a pretty big scandal of sort or, even worse, when he/she's dead (ie. David Bowie/Chester Bennington/Chris Cornell). It's not only related to Madonna. But to many big popular artists/bands such as Sting, U2 and Depeche Mode (to name a few). It's been AWHILE since I heard about Sting, U2 and Depeche Mode on either the radio or in the news. Only last week, surprisingly, I heard about the 'Mode in the news (they talked about their cover of "Heroes" that has reached the million on YT and that's about it). As for Madonna, I only heard about her, briefly, on the news, when she announced her RHT CD/DVD/BluRay set, back in August. They broadcasted the entire Sydney gig and that's about it. I don't listen to the radio constantly, so I can't say if her songs still get played or not. But, yeah. Everything has changed and not for the better.