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  1. Emy_Max

    Sad Songs

    To me, this is definitely one of the most heart touching songs ever written. Period.
  2. Emy_Max

    Make your own mashups

    It's a pretty neat website designed to have some fun. That's all it really is. Nothing can replace DAWs and DJ sets.
  3. Emy_Max

    Make your own mashups

    Music Is Like A Virgin: https://rave.dj/PBKoTn122ThBXw
  4. Emy_Max

    Make your own mashups

    Gonna try it out this evening with a few EMINEM songs to see how they will turn out like.
  5. Emy_Max

    Make your own mashups

    Frozen In This Twilight (Madonna VS Nine Inch Nails): https://rave.dj/WoK-V1CPAgwj6A
  6. Emy_Max

    Make your own mashups

    This is definitely a masterpiece: https://rave.dj/LSBV2F1BCRhoCg Not kidding. The music just flows beautifully on this one. Very clever website.
  7. Emy_Max

    Make your own mashups

    Trent Reznor meets Johnny Cash: https://rave.dj/dBmq44JEU3aS0A The ending sounds very good to me
  8. Emy_Max

    Marilyn Manson thread

    1. Mechanical Animals 2. Holy Wood 3. Antichrist Superstar 4. Heaven Upside Down 5. Born Villain 6. The High End Of Low 7. The Pale Emperor 8. Eat Me, Drink Me 9. Portrait Of An American Family 10. The Golden Age Of Grotesque
  9. Emy_Max

    Marilyn Manson thread

    For me Born Villain and this new album are the greatest albums after the whole post-breakup fiasco (EMDM/THEOL). The Pale Emperor was more of an experiment (a sort of a side-project thing, so to speak), rather than a "mature" album (didn't really like it that much). Whether the new album is much more a sort of a continuation to what he has already done with BV. He took the best elements from that album, mixed up few elements from TGAOG/HW, here and there, as well, and turned everything into something great, fresh and inspiring. And i'm currently digging it very much. This is the Manson I've been waiting to hear for a very long time.
  10. Emy_Max

    Marilyn Manson thread

    And you got it right. Indeed he was inspired by Madonna ;)
  11. Emy_Max

    Marilyn Manson thread

    The album that got me into Manson and NIN music back when I was 10.......so great memories. Man i feel very old. Can't believe next year it will turn 20.
  12. My childhood (from 8) and my teen years have been pretty much all about Madonna, Celine Dion, ABBA, Bee Gees, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Deftones, Alice In Chains and Nine Inch Nails. These are the Top 10 albums that got me into their music: 1. Mechanical Animals - Marilyn Manson 2. Ray Of Light - Madonna 3. Dirt - Alice In Chains 4. Celine Dion - Lets Talk About Love 5. The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails 6. Follow The Leader - Korn 7. Around The Fur - Deftones 8. Heroes - David Bowie 9. Arrival - ABBA 10. Spirits Having Flown - Bee Gees
  13. Such a shame that both Depeche Mode and Linkin Park (two amazing bands who still make REAL and awesome music, in my book) didn't even reached the million. Both their respective albums are great, musically and lyrically-wise, than most of the stuff that's been put out in the last couple years. Also....where is Nine Inch Nails with the new EP "Add Violence" and The XX with their album "I See You"?! Those were two of the most-awaited album releases of 2017!! What a joke. Thankgod the Dark Lord is coming back on October to shake and shock, once again, the entire earth for good with his brand new album "Heaven Upside Down" (which, so far, has got all me all "charged" up......We Know Where You [insert F word here] Live is the Manson i've been long waiting for since Born Villain). Otherwise this would have really been a very stale year. Critics better be careful not to play with Manson this time. He's very angry and he knows where everyone lives. And....speaking of where everyone lives, see the great promotion Manson and his PR team have done to promote the new album. This is what I call GREAT AND CLEVER PROMOTION!