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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Wow...that is definitely one killer shot...attagurl
  2. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    She's very adorable, indeed
  3. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    I would die to have a GORGEOUS lady like her as my spouse.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Definitely.....she's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I still think that she has a perfect body, despite her age. I absolutely adore her eyes, her very sexy legs and hot feet.
  6. That's your point. But I personally prefer to have more options than just have a very few limited ones. I'll buy an album if it comes with so many great stuff (and options, of course). Plus, I like to make my own takes/remixes of an album, or just listen to the separate cues. So multitracks and other editable content is always welcome, for me. And last, but not least, I'm a devoted collector. So anything that comes from my favorite artist it's always well appreciated. Speaking of Madonna, I have MOST of her rare and hard-to-find stuff on my HD, including backdrops/interludes for each tour, remixed/uncensored music videos and much more. But I would love to see an actual boxset containing all this stuff. It's not only for me. But for many other fans out there who are not very tech-savy enough to dig around different Torrent trackers/websites, in order to find said unreleased stuff. That's because It's her art that she has to spread it as more as possible (If she really cares about it and her fans) and give to the fans what they really want. If she cannot do it, she could just try to change art directors and marketing team. And if that doesn't work, she could try drop music labels altogether and start creating her own thing, along with some competent artist/producer. She has a huge load of $$$, so I don't see why she should had a problem doing that. Reznor has been record-label FREE since 2008, and he has earned less $$$ than Madonna. He has pushed the boundaries of the entire music industry, and all types of marketing schemes, by investing and devoting his time, energy and moneys ENTIRELY to his fans. And he's definitely not broke. Why Madonna can't invest her moneys and time doing the same? I wonder.
  7. I'm mind blown by the fact that next year it will be 20 years since I become a fan of Madonna. Feels like yesterday, but 20 years have passed. So much stuff has happened in my life, in these 20 years. I definitely feel old.....more like a 50yo man than a 28yo one.
  8. An anniversary tour seem more appropriate than an actual album re-release. Would love to see her play a few songs off of the album, along with new and re-invented ones. But, i'm not holding my breath for anything at all, at this point. It sucks to say this, but: Madonna has not the same powerful creative-clever marketing power as Trent Reznor. Sorry guys, but it's the reality. When you are completely tied to a record company, that's what you get. You are a just puppet in one's hand, with very limited creative choices and artistic decisions. Reznor knew what the fans really wanted, and how to scare the "big bosses" in the industry and make them bow down to his orders. Whether Madonna just can't (or maybe she just doesn't give a damn at all, after all). And she's just happy with that. If she dropped her record company, and started collaborating with SERIOUS artists, maybe, we would all had seen the so-called "goodies". But it looks like that will never happen anytime soon.....EVER. Keep dreaming and hoping people. Meantime, in the last 10 years, Reznor has given out FULL albums multitracks for people to remix and do whatever they wanted to do, gave out albums for FREE, created one of the largest remixes community on the Internet, put out his very first concert/music video "prototype" collection in ISO-format over TPB (along with other RARE stuff), gave out over 400GB (yes, you heard it right.....400GB of content) of RAW concert footage for FREE for people to make their own tour DVDs/Blu-Rays. He has made Apple bow down when his NIN app was getting rejected, threatening them with the Jailbreak thing. And, last, but not least, he's currently re-releasing his ENTIRE catalogue in both Hi-Res Digital as well as in Vinyl, along with his past soundtracks works. And there's plenty of other new stuff coming out. Needless to say that the man's definitely has all my devotion and respect for everything he has done, for me, fellow NIN fan. Whether for Madonna, I have to admit that sometimes I literally feel cheated and betrayed by her artistic choices.
  9. Indeed. I still feel very sorry for what happened to him. He was an amazing artist and a great person, as well. He definitely deserved a better life than the one he lived.
  10. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Thanks to these people the artists that we love no longer reply/interact with us. They are all ruining the fan/artist connection.
  11. I know what I need to know. And that is that Cobain would have never taken his life. Plus, (hint hint) the amount of Heroin that he had on his body was way too high for a person to handle a shotgun properly. He just couldn't do it all by himself. That's a FACT. For the rest, read his personal diaries, and see his very latest interviews. Read and see how the man, in 1993, was happy and looked like he was REALLY getting his shit together. And read Manson's biography, and read how Courtney has always been a very fake and manipulative person.
  12. Still she is to this day. No wonder why she killed her husband. The woman is just a mess, in all all senses possible. She didn't wanted to get clean and leave her drug fuelled habits for good, and was afraid that her husband would have taken custody of their children. So she planned everything in detail, hired a private killer and set up the whole "suicide" thing we've been hearing/reading for years. There's a LOT of documents/documentaries regarding the whole Cobain story. Plenty of interesting theories/analysis to read. Cobain would have NEVER taken his own life. The man was already sober and clean for a good solid year, and he NEVER had any suicide tendencies.
  13. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Now this is absolutely amazing
  14. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Lol.....say wut?