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  1. Audio video views, plus MV views together hopefully should make the song chart this week. Maluma has another video getting TONS of views on YT. I hope those Maluma minions also discover Medellin and view it.
  2. I was looking for the top Youtube videos, and I couldn't find her. Then I looked again and she was right at the top!
  3. Hmmm. Nice going. I think I might do the same! Anybody who has VPN, listen to this man!
  4. The video is incredible. I will say though that her dancing was a little stiff in parts. So don't be shocked if some regular people criticize her for that.
  5. Continue streaming the audio video too, together with the actual video, and the song on Spotify/Apple Music. That's gonna help tremendously.
  6. Thank you! Yeah, the interview was a mess. But she looked damn good in it!
  7. Where can I watch the interview? I missed it. The moment I started watching the stream the video came up. I was so thrilled, but I'm still curious about the interview.
  8. This is one of her best videos. If you thought this was bad, maybe you need to get your head examined..
  9. I wanna watch the interview.. Anybody recorded it? I just came home in time to see the video..I literally pressed play the second it came up!
  10. Wow! GORGEOUS VIDEO!!!!! And she looked SO good in it. I hope this goes to the top of the charts.
  11. That can be a blessing in disguise. This might lower the expectations. Don't react to it. Just let it come and go.
  12. Medellin's lyrics aren't controversial. So I don't think that's the song she's gonna play at Eurovision.
  13. It's a few days old.. sorry, but I just have to cringe at that intro. Madonna is so bad at acting.. sorry, lol..
  14. Lola was pretty small when ROL came. Madonna just brought Lola with her wherever she went. I think the twins might be a little older than Lola was. I'm not sure. Also, Rocco was a baby when Music came, and Madonna did a LOT of promo for that as well imo. Nothing is gonna stop her, I don't think. Remember COADF and her horse riding accident? Yeah...
  15. Yeah well, Spotify, Apple Music and other services. And even those only count about a dozen of streamings per day. So we probably shouldn't bother trying to "fake" the success of this single. It's doing well so far, and I think it's authentic. If those safety measures weren't in place, Gaga's crazy fanbase would have gotten her about 20 #1 singles.
  16. Aw, cute. I love cats! Are you streaming on Youtube? If you are, and you're doing it to help Madonna, you probably shouldn't waste your time. Because only one view per user is counted on youtube. Even if you have multiple accounts, only one view will be counted. They do this at an IP level. In terms of YT, I think probably the only useful thing to do is to leave and like a lot of comments. Viewing the video repeatedly isn't gonna do anything..
  17. Yes. Don't waste time with youtube. Unles you're helping to spread the link. If you're playing it on YT on repeat, none of those views will be counted.
  18. Radio isn't what it used to be. Streaming is more important now. If the song charts on BB, it could get some radio airplay eventually. But I don't think they're gonna give a 60 yo woman a lot of airplay. It just wasn't gonna happen no matter what she and her team did. Stations cater very strongly to their advertisers, and most of them focus on a younger audience. None of them believe Madonna is commercial enough at this stage of the game. And I don't think that's gonna change very much.. Sorry.
  19. Youtube only counts your viewing once. We should probably focus more on Spotify and Apple Music. In terms of streaming. Tomorrow we can all buy the digital single off iTunes, Amazon and whatever else. Hopefully, it will make Medellin appear somewhere in the Hot 100 the following week..
  20. Hopefully Medellin can crack the top 40. But if it ever goes top 10 I'll be extremely excited and happy!
  21. Cyril Gupta, CEO @ Teknikforce Ventures LLC Answered Apr 11, 2018 · Author has 955 answers and 1.4m answer views Each user is counted only once towards the view count. Watching a video on repeat will not help to increase viewership and might actually lead to a ban on the channel. This is because not only does YouTube keep a lookout for the IP addresses of devices, it also has a smart algorithm that monitors the viewing habits of an individual. Only after screening all factors does it decide whether a view is gen
  22. That's not gonna work for Youtube. They only count a limited number of views from the same user. Best thing to do is to leave a lot of comments, and liking a lot of postings.
  23. Yes, but I don't doubt anything anymore. I'm putting it out there just in case..
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