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  1. You said it so eloquently. You're absolutely right. This is not a coincidence. I just wish I could leave the country, but my family is here, my everything is here. I just hope it isn't as bad as we're thinking in the end. I painfully voted for Haddad, not because I like the left, but out of desperation..now more than ever people need to push back, like north americans are doing to trump. We can't let this Bolsonaro figure do whatever he wants..
  2. The writting is on the wall, it's definitely gonna be a dictatorship.. This is a dream of many years from the powers that be. Brazil is too rich, and the people too ignorant. Every single country that has riches, like oil and metals, gets treated badly because of it. Was just a matter of time. The bad management of PT was the setting piece for an elected dictator to come along. I'm brazilian so I'm very much afraid.. I can't just go live in another country since my whole life is here.
  3. Tell me about it. Also, nowadays we live in bubbles. Google's algorithms make sure you only see what you want. Jair Bolsonaro(this elected fellow) said a lot of disturbing things, but most people don't even know about them, because Google only shows them the positive stuff. It's a self feeding bubble..
  4. The new generation has a short memory. Most of them don't even remember what they ate for dinner yesterday.. All these people that settled for being remembered, artists, leaders, etc.. have already been forgotten.. And now they voted a fascist, dictator into power... may God have mercy on us all..