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  1. It's because she can't take advantage of that... Did you analyze the song she sang?
  2. 20 years ago, Frozen leaked on the internet (already)

    This is what caught me as well. I didn't become obsessed with Madonna right away, but Frozen was my gateway drug. It would have been magical at the time, already being a fan and listening to that for the first time. I envy long time fans who got to experience that.
  3. Gaga needs to be doing shows constantly, because she is a dumbass with money.. Anyone who knows a shit or two about this world, knows that you don't burn cash. Like a comedian I like used to say "I hate the artist types that don't think about money. They're idiots"
  4. Yeah. I think at the beginning she did have something. She is a proud person, and that came through. But this pity thing, it's not her. I'm sorry. She is being fake, and it's totally obvious. It's a strategy to get accolades and awards. Ain't working..people aren't stupid.
  5. Exactly karbatal.. It's like the saying that goes, write about what you know.. She didn't know Joanne, and I don't think she ever even lost a relative. The wording and the performance feels like a parody. There is no sincerety. And people can tell that. They can sense it because they have families themselves, and a lot of people have lost loved ones, and they know how they'd feel if somebody took a song, and then sang it insincerely. I have lost my mother and I know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't like a person that didn't know her to go on stage and sing about her in the manner that Gaga did. She's trying, but not hitting the ball.
  6. I don't hate Gaga, but I'm not gonna kiss her ass, because if you don't say what you really think nobody grows. She's desperate... and using everything she has, like we're in the last days or something. I've never seen an artist use such a huge arsenal so uneffectively. She's an artist, or at least that's what she poses. Therefore, before you hit a stride you gotta feel things. She has no story anymore, this is why she's using her dead aunt. Using that's girl's story to get some thickness to her work. But it's not genuine, and the public can feel that. It's why none of this shit is working.. You really think people don't know what a family relationship is like? They can SMELL the fakeness of this whole performance..and it doesn't go through. No matter how much the media promotes it. On an unconscious level at least, people can sense the bullshit. She needs to have a real life first, and be honest about that. If you wanna be superficial, go ahead. That's the easiest thing to do. But singing about a dead girl she has no true connection to, and use that as a stepping stone to get approval, and pity. You think the public can't sense that? It's asinine
  7. Be Careful (Cuidado) Speed Mystery

    Since we're talking about Ricky, and he loves Gaga so much. Let me say something here, since I can't post on the other forum. Forgive me. I'm so disturbed, and sick to my stomach, how Gaga has been using a dead relative she never knew as a lucky charm..It amazes me how people don't see how terrible that is! One day the truth will prevail, and everyone will see. But I seriously think Gaga is a sociopath, I'm not kidding. She talks so much about being a Monster, and I believe that's what she's talking about. Also, that signal with the eye, highlighting just one eye. Know what that is? That is a symbol used by socipaths to identify themselves. Basically means, it's just one side thinking. All reason, no emotion... I wish people would realize that. There is no cure to psychopathy. It is a brain defect, and they are born that way(no pun). Eventually they're gonna have to be locked up, because they leave a trace of destruction wherever they go.. anyway that's my two cents. Don't ban me please!!!!!
  8. I doubt this will ever turn into a studio album.. What is she gonna back it with? Maybe a song or two
  9. Be Careful (Cuidado) Speed Mystery

    Interesting, on the album version she sounds a bit like she did live in that era.. so I've always wondered which version was changed. But now listening to it carefully, the slow album version is definitely the changed one. You can notice how the sound is distorted when she takes a breath, and other little sounds. How foolish of me, to think the vocals on ROL and Beautiful Stranger were fake..a lot of people thought that too. But once again, in the end truth prevails..
  10. So many things can effect your vocals. Annie could simply be having a bad day, or it could be morning time. It could have been literally anything.
  11. Haha! I know it sounds terrible for a fan. But it's very easy to predict, just look back and see how it's been progressing. Of course, everything can change. She could get a huge energetic boost, but you know there are lot more responsabilities on her plate right now. Directing is tougher than acting, and she has a lot of children. It's very difficult to keep up in this business. First cycle we got 5 albums, second we got 4, third cycle we got 3, so this one we'll get two and they've already been released.
  12. She's not gonna make another album this cycle, it's gonna be another kind of project. Maybe we'll get a single and video tied to a compilation album..Probably a new concert, likely a little smaller. If we get that far, she'll make a studio album at the start of next cycle, like early 2022-23. And then it's gonna be really difficult to keep up, I'm not expecting anything in the usual way. Maybe something completely new.
  13. This. That conveyor belt..in NKM she lays down on it, I remember thinking "boy if her hair ever gets stuck there it's gonna be bad..."
  14. In case you're not joking.. It's a very simple story and certainly kabbalah inspired, but it clearly has her style and soul in it. I think she wrote it herself Same goes for Mr. Peabody's Apples which is even better than this one. I only bought one more of these but I can't remember the details it was about thieves. I thought they were excellent books. Many long time fans were prejudiced against them, what a pity.