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  1. Ok so what’s new in the world of this gown-wearing little queen in Rome??
  2. This might just be my favorite video of the era
  3. holy shit it made me so emotional. pure magic.! the ghost ships struck me in particcular,, so unexpected!!! !!
  4. I need to have a word with D Atlantic’s advertisers!!!! !!
  5. I was thinking that too!!! Mmaybe maybe that and then a bop from the album kinda like Shaanti and Ray
  6. I hope she opens the MTV VMA with Batuka!!!!! !!
  7. Who are Pitchfork/Bitchfork’s advertisers?? ??
  8. A simple search would show that Hugh McIntyre, the writer of the Forbes article is a little monster through and thru. I mean,, The shill writes puff pieces about Gaga fffs. Can these publications stahp hiring stans with vested interests?? thank you next !!! !!
  9. that jabba the hutt creature still blogs?? ? no clicks from me
  10. And now that woman is askin Madonna to grovel to her with an apology wtf
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