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  1. Madonna may this day bring for you reflection, joy, comfort and peace. You've come along way. You (as with other mothers) shouldn't simply be given extra attention on one specified Sunday out of the year; yet regularly. Trustfully, prayerfully your precious children respect you, love you, take heed to you and inspired by you; to extract your essence into themselves. God bless you Ms. Ciccone.
  2. Won't be choosy. Whatever her audacious heart sparks her to croon next will support her 100%. Good Lord she has knocked every conceivable cover thus far out of the ballpark from Rose Royce's Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Eartha Kitt's Fever, Marvin Gaye's I Want You, and Don McLean's American Pie to jot down a few. Personally believe with many of the cover's she has been on par if not better than her respective predecessors. Again that statement is a bit subjective being a fan.
  3. O' Reilly's exit from FOX long overdue. A human being is more valuable; is of more integrity than a materialistic dollar $ sign. Shame on FOX for waiting so long to give Reilly his deserved pink slip. Pray for the women out there who were victimized by a demon frenzied sexual predator. Pray as well that O'Reilly will come to know Jesus and turn away from his life of criminal hypocrisy; both professionally and personally. No lie lasts forever. Ultimately one day we will all be exposed facing one true Judge. All of Madonna's rabid antagonists who choose to be blinded by their dogmatic prejudices towards her; they can go kick rocks. M doesn't need any of their validation to live her life fruitfully and blissfully.
  4. Let' see... Alanis Morisette Ariana Grande Avril Lavigne Azealia Banks Cameron Diaz Denise Richards Gloria Estefan Justin Timberlake No Doubt Rita Ora Robbie Williams Spice Girls (Geri Halliwell, Mel C.) (List Courtesy of Wikipedia) It seems with a percentage of dudes they like Madonna although on the DL (down low.) At times have tried chatting with some friends to gauge their interest; yet they find Michael Jackson more favorable than M. Even a retail manager insinuated M musically is more attractive to the gay community. This is not a generalization simply an observation.
  5. Agreed TM. It's easy to be a slithering snake... Condescending and manipulative. Kicking someone while he or she is down. Constructive criticism is superior to being outright mean spirited.This doesn't mean you approve of his or her bad behavior; rather help show them a better way. Love is not rude. Love is an action word; not simply a term of endearment.
  6. Jazzy Jan THANK YOU for inscribing this reflective write-up on our star Madonna. Congrats on purchasing this very magazine which is also featured in select US retail vendors. Seems like a compelling read. There are so many declensions to appreciate about her which extenuate beyond being an entertainment icon. Grateful to God for placing her on this earth at this time. Thanks to Him she has revolutionized popular culture. She is a consummate blessing to her loved ones; her father, siblings and kids. She is voluminously enterprising; wearing countless hats. Would also like to tip hat to fellow contemporaries in this 100 Women Tribute book. It's noble to see women (like M) leave such an indelible legacy on a world in need of reform.
  7. Anastaza thank you for apprising us of this reunion event. Have a wonderful time being there; taking it all in. A League Of Their Own is a marvelous movie, encouraging. One of Madonna's finest performances, hats off as well to Geena Davis, Tom Hanks and Rosie O'Donnell with their respective portrayals.
  8. DW agree 100%. There's this impression by critics and people M ought to be a buttery choir girl; when it fact she has always wielded a rebellious extrovertive attitude and spirit. Just look @ listen to those who knew her preceding her success. Biggest problem w/ those who choose to play safe; is you wind up becoming a perpetuating problem weighed down by complacency. Change can be good at the same time change has a barrack of enemies.
  9. Well inscribed Skin; reflecting back on Madonna's origins. Whereas M is an authentic multifaceted person with echelons of breadth. Had pleasure of catching recently via YT her Driven documentary from early 2000's; which detailed how pre-fame; a couple of music executives in NY were attempting to replicate her into Pat Benatar. Thankfully Madonna and partner Stephen Bray saw a different pathway to sunlight. M has boldly challenged status quo on a myriad of social issues throughout her life. Has she struck out @ times? Sure. However her effort has made her more endearing.
  10. Vocalism points well taken across board; won't expostulate with you. Bear in mind buddy conversation with Radio DJ was years ago; 80's format has been discontinued on 97.3 Coast. A bit stunned when you say Causing A Commotion was bigger; would of thought Who's That Girl would have nod. However they are both gems among many in M's pearled treasure chest. Likewise with Angel, and Dress You Up which surely were on heavy radio rotation when M's meteorite Like A Virgin alighted both domestically and internationally... Many radio stations have or had been attached to her bread and butter songs aforesaid in this intriguing post. It seems many radio stations have turned their backs on the Queen Of Pop. While disconcerting; content in having acquired bits and bobs of her musical catalog through the years. Really Ms. Ciccone's music lifeline is us here on M Nation (w/ affiliates) from all parts of the globe.
  11. She has always from the incipience of exercising her craft is a feisty ball of fire. She is a debonair, well-armored lioness.
  12. Played Around The Clock (Only by working in a local retail store... PATHETIC!): True Blue Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Deeper & Deeper Take A Bow Music Don't Tell Me LOCAL SOUTH FLORIDA RADIO (Palm Beach County)... Lucky Star Borderline Holiday Like A Virgin Live To Tell Who's That Girl Vogue Secret Years ago a couple of Palm Beach County radio stations competed w/ one another on weekend's airing 80's music weekend Marathons. Pretty cool ... One night drew up confidence to call a radio DJ; to request the song Causing A Commotion. He replied; "We don't play that." Asked him why? His retort; "We play songs that were most popular." Other times called in requested on a few occasions Who's That Girl among other 80's gems. Madonna was a staple on both radio stations. Also will be forever grateful to 97.3 Coast FM for presentation of M's blue-ribbon True Blue album. Awesome listen. One night drew up confidence to call a radio DJ; to request the song Causing A Commotion. He replied; "We don't play that." Asked him why? His retort; "We play songs that were most popular." Other times called in requested on a few occasions Who's That Girl among other 80's gems. Madonna was a staple on both radio stations. Also will be forever grateful to 97.3 Coast FM for presentation of M's blue-ribbon True Blue album. Awesome listen. P.S. Whenever in a Madonna listening mood; don't rely anymore on radio or TV. Refer to best source-- Her albums; YT and low and behold Madonna Nation .
  13. Not to asperse MJ. There is a broader more perverse issue @ the core of his insecurities. This would be man's morbid lust for power and recognition. One of Madonna's greatest characteristics is her gracious disposition both in private and in her domain-- Music studio. Just read a terrific piece on this forum recently posted by a fan. Paraphrase Madonna implied she didn't believe in being tyrannical with her musicianship. She annexed a willingness to embrace input from different people to help sculpt her artistry. Many of her contemporaries (i.e. MJ, Prince) while inclined habitually to place their stamp on each of their records with their signatures of approval... M was/is content in letting her music vocalize for her; while accrediting her team (i.e. Patrick Leonard, Stephen Bray, Shep Pettibone, William Orbit among many.)
  14. A reevaluation of opinion could work. Here's another... Why not speak to Madonna in private? Catch-up; immerse in casual conversation. Again this is not to insinuate M should be littered w/ yes men/ ahem women. However one of the best ways of knowing someone; understanding them is picking up their point of view. Be interested in them; not simply interesting. Gossip; assumption are evils. Dan Rather is a renowned journalist. One of the biggest problems with media is their insistence on perpetuating truculence among public figures; whether it be entertainment, faith, politics, sports along with other mediums.