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  1. Congratulations to each of the 2019 R&R HOF inductees.
  2. Ms. Margaret Court has every God-breathed right to speak out against the practice and tolerance of homosexuality. Just as anyone whom God has rescued from the tyrannical shackles of this world of other demonic immoralities (homosexuality, rape, murder, slander/persecution, adultery/covetousness, pornography, pedophilia, violence, anger, gender confusion, stress, hate, irrationality) w/ brackish sea of other evils. Those of you quick to besmirch her; what do you expect for her to do? Keep her God-nurtured insight to herself? Become tolerant; keeping her thoughts squared away in her home between her and The Almighty? Would you like to put forth a law titled "The Separation Of Church & Sports?" There's this exasperate notion that those who are religious are transformed by an Infinite Spirit. Such a thought couldn't be more a fallacy. Religion at it's core is a set of rules and laws. Thou shalt do a, b and c. Those whom the Redeemer rescues from the contumacious mildew of sin; takes on the totality of Jesus. Which means (in time) He renews the feeble mind of men/women; in which he/she's old perspective(s) become washed away. You become a new creature in Him. Yes physically we are still prone to corruption being fleshly beings. Yet in spirit we are Glory be to Him a new creation. Again the Supreme Being requisites for those who seek Him to embark on a trans-formative relationship which can only be furnished through His Book Of Life. Knowing Him ought to unleash the free exercise thereof; not just riped in love; constituted in truth. There is no bigotry, narrow-mindedness or hate for those who are maladjusted to all sin in Christ Jesus.
  3. Incontrovertibly Michael Jackson is one of the most oracular public figures to walk this earth. Will not go into the mucky minutiae of his infelicitous obsession w/ children. Don't lose sight of the fact in the second case levied against Michael he was found innocent by a California court. Will say this. Within the innards of the U.S. Constitution there is inscribed a sacred principle which reads "innocent until proven guilty." However in the court of public opinion such a sacred principle has been unctuously eradicated, through social media, "legal experts" and a percentage of citizens. Mind you this statement is not to come across as a Michael Jackson apologist. Looking at him; with the help of the Most High through a compassionate lens. The substantive truth of his interaction with children at his Neverland Ranch; lies with him and The Great Shepherd. Accountability also falls on negligent parents subjugating not only adolescents to partake with Jackson at his luxurious abode; further utterance of vitriol slandering his name into purgatory. In essence there are three parties culpable: Michael Jackson, the Parents who gave consent, and (perhaps to a lesser degree) the children (contingent on their respective ages.) Ultimately as with those of us left; Elohim is Michael Jackson's Judge & Jury not the court of public opinion.
  4. With equal measure express thoughts and prayers to the family of the beloved Mr. Ingram; as well as his friends and battalion of fans whose lives he so (Praise God) foxily touched.As a humble black brother; have no shame in implying having had the tremendous blessing of lending an ear to this maestro with the husky vibrato as a toddler. Thanks to my earthy father's intricate musical tastes. No hyperbole in stating James Ingram one of the greatest voices remiss of genre to grace the microphone and stage. A contemporary being the late great Luther Vandross was asked by a reporter what his formula was when it came to lyrical content in a song. He retorted his preference was to sing metaphorically rather than resort to coarse language as a form of expression.Vandross, Peabo Bryson, Ingram, Al Jarreau and Michael McDonald are a few who come to mind who by the awesome resonance of God perfected this method harmoniously and tactfully.Know some of you have expressed concern over this tragic loss. May you gain solace in knowing that James Ingram is in the presence of Our Heavenly Father robed in victory a champion over Brain Cancer.This nefarious infirmity may have extinguished him from this earth in his physical body. Know that in Christ He is eternally a new creature cloaked with Yahweh's pristine health, in mind, body and spirit.Also when it came to him being a bit under the radar in terms of name recognition; that is quite alright.May the ensuing passages from the Book Of Life proffer to you in time wings of solace in which only Christ can furnish.Farewell Brother Ingram. God bless you. Thank God for decreeing you as His instrument of brotherhood, righteousness and endearment. Thank you for igniting the candles of His joy, love, integrity and sophistication into the lives of so many.
  5. Respectfully object. America is exceptional. America will be vindicated not singly by any presiding Chief Executive past, present or future. If America (we) can humbly yield to our mighty constitutional/spiritual foundations authored by a Supreme Being; America can redeem it's inspiring heritage. America's success over the past two centuries isn't by accident. TRUST IN GOD.
  6. Incredibly telling and sad how a certain segment of mankind cling to the putrescent fruit of vengeance.Trump's gesture of virulence against Senator John McCain (R.I.P.) is pathetic; yet not the least bit surprising. Evidently there are some people who don't know any other way to express their feelings other than with bitter inclination of apathy. Pray the Heavenly Father will mollify these people whose stolid hearts are imprisoned to hate and pride with His glorious key chiseled of forgiveness, mercy and grace.
  7. Thank God... Awesome news indeed. God is faithful. Not surprisingly mainstream media inanely chundered doom and gloom at the prospects of the coach and boys being found alive.
  8. Petition w/ latest choosing of Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS; he will bring to bear Constitutional integrity. May he interpret the law providently. May his eyes be kept on the prize of Constitutional virtue over political dogma.Reciprocate same thoughts to the other jurists on the bench. Supplicate over time that judicial tyranny may desist. Still are major cases yet to be decided; by justices.
  9. God is judge and jury. Israel and it's inhabitants will continue to reign victorious over the evil entities of this world. We as a world must be more educated and speak truth against evil . It's not enough to be a closet prayer Christian, file a list of grievances. Or to sit on our hands and do naught. God yearns for those of us He rescues to oversee His Earth, glorify Him, preach His gospel to the ends of the earth, and steadfastly support Israel. Prayers to the innumerable innocent lives tragically (Razan) extinguished on both sides of the border. Families torn apart. Israel is not the enemy. Not even the residents of Palestine are culpable. Blame falls solely on the demonic machine PLO retroactive to nefarious dictator Yaser Arafat to presently sinister Mahmoud Abbas. Iran and their heinous terrorist networks Hamas/Hezbollah are also culpable with the blood of innocent Israel's and Palestinians on their odious hands.
  10. Ladies will preface by saying these ensuing statements are inscribed not out of castigation against you. Such thoughts are expressed to you with the internal life force of God's unyielding love; for you and God's child. Heart grieves for the women of Ireland supportive of this vote referendum. Nullify condoning can see why a woman/man bereft of a spiritual conscience can choose aborting an innocent child. Both see the impending prospect of parenthood as an inconvenience; to their dissolute lifestyle. However what is inscrutable is to suggest that undergoing a "simple procedure" at an abortion based clinic (Planned Parenthood) is bereft with no cataclysmic consequences. A heart whose washed clean of amenability. Shamefully the greatest purveyor of infant genocide is the United States Of America. With the Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973 60 MILLION innocent babies have been horrifically murdered. This iniquitous; painful reality doesn't even factor women; potential mom's to be who've tragically perished while undergoing an abortion. Or frightened moms bereaved with a tenebrous nightfall of guilt, coming to terms with her injurious choice . Tremendously powerful is truth. Truth must be told. Petition to God that forthcoming images for those who may be doggedly apathetic to the extermination of innocent life; will be awakened from their slumber in heart, mind and spirit. Pray that your hearts may soften to the still small voice/presence of God over being mired in a disturbing swampland of self-centeredness. Furthermore will present some footage of a 1957 interview the late Mike Wallace conducted with "civil rights champion" Planned Parenthood foundress Margaret Sanger. "Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, once said colored sic people are like weeds; they need to be exterminated. " -Dr. Alveda King
  11. One of the glaring ordeals here in America is we've put a grievous amount of faith in a President and politicians to be the savior of this nation. When in truth dating back to the founding of the U.S. Constitution this method was never the intention. Is Trump an ideal President? No. Is he an Evangelistic Christian? No. Does he believe in God? Yes...So does the devil. In God's Book Of Life being the Holy * He took even the most wicked of people (Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar and Saul) rotating their barbaric hearts into prisms of redemption. Trump is not a politician he is a guile business man by trade. If/when his administration generates modicums of success over these next fours years it will be in spite of him not because of him. When it comes to casting our vote in the presidential elections we have been anointed a God-given duty to vote. Abnegate of party affiliation, tradition or brand name. Rather our ballots ought to be cast based on a public official's principal, morality, and consistent adherence to truth. However our votes shouldn't simply be proscribed to November elections or election season. We all have been graciously with God's tender mercy been bequeathed His gift of life; to make this world a better place from what we've inherited.
  12. Not insinuating all artists of today are terrible. quality music is still prevalent . This is contingent though where you choose to look. Hopeful that baby boomers of the millennial generation can respect greats such @ Michael and Madonna.
  13. Part of the problem is US media coverage has been disturbingly besotted w/ U.S. politics. Which isn't even news; @ it is regurgitated information. Harsh reality is when famous people perish attention to them becomes magnified (i.e. Natalie Cole,Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Grover Washington Jr. respectively.) Or in some instances (late Maurice White, George Michael) they become a passing footnote on U.S. television. Why? would venture to guess a generational disconnect w/ latter.
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