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  1. Fascinating read. LAP a timeless work of art. Come on let's not disparage Bonnie Raitt; she isn't some schlub artist. After all Madonna has rightfully earned 7 Grammy awards through her noble music journey. A strong case easily can be expostulated; reminiscent to her #1's left on the table she has merited more Grammy/musical acclaim into her frisky hands.
  2. Right on. She was a monumental radio darling compounded by her captivating presence on MTV. Would catch her or Michael every other day either on MTV or VH1 (when they ACTUALLY lived up to their namesake!)
  3. Respectfully disagree. In the 80's reminiscent to Madonna Janet was steadily distancing herself from the pack. 90's were friendly to her.
  4. Bravo Jazzy! On point @ usual! With all due respect to these respective artists who nipped the Queen for the #1 spot... Madonna's discography is superior to many of them especially when it comes to lyrical quality. What's mind-boggling when factoring her U.K. Top 5 hits that just missed #1 conceivably Madonna could have banked an astounding 20 #1 hits! Utmost respect to U.K import Phil Collins @ well @ the phenomenonal Janet and Michael Jackson respectively. Will venture to say Madonna's 12 # 1's are even more impressive when you take into consideration her fierce level of competition throughout her career especially those early years.
  5. Sorry Mnino going to do a double take! This era was just too good!!!
  6. While Oh Father is winning by a landslide; actually nominated Jimmy Jimmy. Yes Jimmy Jimmy. To many Madonna fans this particular tune is a bit humdrum within her capacious illustrious musical library. Have always adored this track from very first listen. Love her vocal rawness @ well @ the frenetic synthesizers; while lyrically narrating Jimmy. Her iconic LP True Blue is a top-flight album; among her best.
  7. Hey I2 no shame in that. With your vote swaying to her Bedtime Stories album; shows just how consistently good/mesmerizing her music 🎶 catalog is.
  8. Check that. ONE of her best vocal performances ever. As a matter of fact her rendition of Ray Of Light is the singular greatest performance in the history of the Oprah Winfrey show. WOW!GOOD LORD!!!!!
  9. With M's dissonant oceanic music library; it's a chore to pinpoint even one song. However SPM will stand alongside you and Ms. JJ and throw a bone to her fluffy sumptuous melody Shoo-Bee-Doo. In all probability with this particular post still fluid; Shoo-Bee-Doo would be fortunate to garner even 5% of the vote. Hats off to Chic funkmaster Nile Rodgers @ well @ artistical maestro Madonna for interweaving their musical minds in concert to not only compose a masterpiece pop record in Like A Virgin. Furthermore; turning back the rhythm clock to an earlier time fusing elements of Motown, honeyed balladry, with silken jazz undertones. Respectful mention @ well to her timeless La Isla Bonita also her ravishing 2nd half collaboration with magnificent Babyface Forbidden Love. RIP to titan drummer Tony Thompson (also of Chic) one of the best sound-painters to ever pick up a pair of drumsticks.
  10. Well articulated K420. Choosing M's best Album Opener was an arduous task @ the same time fun. Recall @ well besides the classic Papa Don't Preach composition; she was tackling a highly hot button topic w/ teenage pregnancy; while vacillating whether or not to keep her baby. As you enunciated her True Blue album manifested maturation in her songwriting; and boldness w/ each track. Many of her naysayers brushed her off @ simply a ditzy dance pop phenom; of scant substance. Trustfully True Blue was able overtime to suppress much of their scathing jaundiced commentary.
  11. Her albums have been harmoniously great. Hard question to reply to. However for sake of sportsmanship selected this particular sleek track; in effect putting the music scene (and world) on notice of her forthcoming greatness.