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  1. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    One of the glaring ordeals here in America is we've put a grievous amount of faith in a President and politicians to be the savior of this nation. When in truth dating back to the founding of the U.S. Constitution this method was never the intention. Is Trump an ideal President? No. Is he an Evangelistic Christian? No. Does he believe in God? Yes...So does the devil. In God's Book Of Life being the Holy * He took even the most wicked of people (Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar and Saul) rotating their barbaric hearts into prisms of redemption. Trump is not a politician he is a guile business man by trade. If/when his administration generates modicums of success over these next fours years it will be in spite of him not because of him. When it comes to casting our vote in the presidential elections we have been anointed a God-given duty to vote. Abnegate of party affiliation, tradition or brand name. Rather our ballots ought to be cast based on a public official's principal, morality, and consistent adherence to truth. However our votes shouldn't simply be proscribed to November elections or election season. We all have been graciously with God's tender mercy been bequeathed His gift of life; to make this world a better place from what we've inherited.
  2. Madonna Buys 18th-century Palacete in Portugal

    Congratulations Madonna πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ on this abode investment πŸ’°. Prayerful πŸ™ will expand her wings not just as an artist 🎨; also as a human being. Glad 😁 for her and her kids. There is an abundance of life which extenuates beyond the U.S. Overtime trustfully πŸ™ her kids will become cultivated w/ diverse cultures and quality people. They have a superb mother who will lovingly😀 navigate them.
  3. Happy Mother's Day MADONNA!

    Madonna may this day bring for you reflection, joy, comfort and peace. You've come along way. You (as with other mothers) shouldn't simply be given extra attention on one specified Sunday out of the year; yet regularly. Trustfully, prayerfully your precious children respect you, love you, take heed to you and inspired by you; to extract your essence into themselves. God bless you Ms. Ciccone.
  4. Songs You Would Like Madonna To Cover.

    Won't be choosy. Whatever her audacious heart sparks her to croon next will support her 100%. Good Lord she has knocked every conceivable cover thus far out of the ballpark from Rose Royce's Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Eartha Kitt's Fever, Marvin Gaye's I Want You, and Don McLean's American Pie to jot down a few. Personally believe with many of the cover's she has been on par if not better than her respective predecessors. Again that statement is a bit subjective being a fan.
  5. (Slightly OT) - Karma is a bitch - O'Reilly OUT !

    O' Reilly's exit from FOX long overdue. A human being is more valuable; is of more integrity than a materialistic dollar $ sign. Shame on FOX for waiting so long to give Reilly his deserved pink slip. Pray for the women out there who were victimized by a demon frenzied sexual predator. Pray as well that O'Reilly will come to know Jesus and turn away from his life of criminal hypocrisy; both professionally and personally. No lie lasts forever. Ultimately one day we will all be exposed facing one true Judge. All of Madonna's rabid antagonists who choose to be blinded by their dogmatic prejudices towards her; they can go kick rocks. M doesn't need any of their validation to live her life fruitfully and blissfully.
  6. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Let' see... Alanis Morisette Ariana Grande Avril Lavigne Azealia Banks Cameron Diaz Denise Richards Gloria Estefan Justin Timberlake No Doubt Rita Ora Robbie Williams Spice Girls (Geri Halliwell, Mel C.) (List Courtesy of Wikipedia) It seems with a percentage of dudes they like Madonna although on the DL (down low.) At times have tried chatting with some friends to gauge their interest; yet they find Michael Jackson more favorable than M. Even a retail manager insinuated M musically is more attractive to the gay community. This is not a generalization simply an observation.