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  1. rubinger

    The beauty of it all: DCFMA at RHT 2016

    Beautiful fan edit. Someone knows about a good multiangle performance for Take a Bow and Crazy for you?
  2. I loved the show, loved and vibrated with each extra song she sung, but I hated the edition of Showtime broadcast, I disappointed even more by the incomplete DVD with missing songs from the setlist and much more the fact that the cd in pre-sale in amazon did not contain the really high points of the show such as True Blue, Music, La vie en Rose and Like a Virgin. I will not buy a product that does not even have the full setlist. It's the first time this happens since The Virgin Tour!!! I still can't believe it. But I do not want the cancellation, I know other people want this product. But end of the story of this DVD for ME.
  3. I said MANY, not everybody.
  4. Seven long months later and many opinions have been changed
  5. If a fan doesn't like a product, he should take a serious look at his life? Interesting! First of all, DVD is a product. Consumers have the right to complain if something does not please them and eventually fail to buy the product. In this case, after so much complaint after the weak release of the MDNA tour, Madonna and her team insists on releasing something incredibly similar and bad, the more forceful claims are fully justified. Of course, some people will join it and purchase. It's not my case and many others from many foruns besides this one. And the last thing: nobody is complaining about the show, but how poorly it was edited and also a release of an incomplete show with, at least, 2 missing songs everybody was really expecting for ages and never sung before: Love don't live here anymore and Take a Bow.