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  1. those of you who are still angry over this travesty of a review, please also tweet Pitchfork editor-in-chief Puja Patel
  2. Medellín. Bitch I'm loca is the only track that I could do without on an otherwise perfect album
  3. Candy Shop, Spanish lesson, Future, I rise. We knew it was going to happen.
  4. yep! judging by some of the comments, he's also being saying bad shit about Paula Abdul too
  5. I think he's deleting the madonna related comments from his IG pics
  6. somebody link me his twitter so I can start insulting him
  7. I can totally see her wanting this to be the first single/video to launch the album campaign and everybody else in her team freaking out
  8. we see this on the news every other day and no other artist has the guts to stick their neck out and speak up about it it will be shocking and controversial, but thank God for Madonna for being so courageous and brave
  9. he says he loved it but gave it 3 stars because it's... "imbalanced" dumbass
  10. is it just me or the "'Cause your world is" part sounds like the verses of Spanish Lesson..??? weird
  11. I wish this part was repeated more times throughout the song cos it's SO GOOD. And the little rap is EVERYTHING.
  12. I bet she will perform it a Pride, and the drag queens from the video will be there too
  13. 100% she still has so much creativity and inventiveness within her, it's unbelivable
  14. Absolutely... the great thing about Mirwais is that he's able to give her a wide range of styles and moods so she doesn't have to work with too many collaborators and thus have the album feel disjointed and all over the place he manages to keep a common thread throughout all these moods and rythms, it's a journey and I'm loving every second of it I'm blown away
  15. oh ok, that makes more sense... thx for clarifying
  16. The drag queens is for God Control, I think. As for the next single, no official word yet
  17. this MX soldier is ready for duty I will stream the s out of it
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