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  1. danorbit

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He can do so much better than that! It was disappointing.
  2. What bothers me the most is the heavily edited vocals and the constant fake crowd noise. On the Girlie Show DVD it's so annoying!
  3. danorbit

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    It's on Apple Music!
  4. I requested to follow Aldo on Instagram to see if he posts something about the DVD, and I found interesting what he says on the comments of his last post from 6 days ago. I don't know if anyone posted about it before, so sorry for bringing this again. His post says that "the cover wasn't chosen yet". So in the comments, people are saying that they hope it will be his cover and he says: "No, it won't be but I'm pretty sure it will be a beautiful one". He also replies to another user saying "I'm sure that in September everyone will have a beautiful cover and if it's the picture of her dancing with the crystal costume it will be pretty. Be patient". But people seem confused if he was talking about that cover we saw or if he's not doing it anymore. So maybe her team changed plans after the huge backlash from fans?
  5. danorbit

    ____MPB______ brasil... brasil...

    To Have And Not To Hold early demo has a bossa nova influence indeed. And the chorus is very bossa nova-ish:
  6. danorbit

    The Weeknd

    This album is amazing! So fucking good!
  7. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Thank you spazz! This is a great thread indeed!
  8. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    @cosmic_system @SPM @MadFan Thank you very much guys!
  9. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Here is also a short video I made of Messiah on both concerts:
  10. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Thank you! And thanks @Barneytoo! =) Here are some more from Amsterdam concerts:
  11. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Oh wow! Haha thanks! Now I'm really curious to know who you are!
  12. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Oh wow! Thank you so much!
  13. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Thank you very much, @Nora and @Andra!
  14. danorbit

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Here are some photos I took at the concerts in Amsterdam: