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  1. Weird that by reading some replies on RS twitter on this post, it seems that Ariana's album wasn't on this list and after her fans complained, they included it!?
  2. It's from Brazil, not Portuguese. It was posted on the "Faz Gostoso" thread.
  3. But let's not forget that this interview was taped BEFORE the album release and she didn't have seen the big impact this song had. Maybe they are already changing plans and working on it as we speak. Who knows...
  4. Rumour has it that she's recording the video for Faz Gostoso and they might perform it together somewhere in Brazil. Let's wait for further news...
  5. Hey Rob! Great job! Here are the parts in Portuguese: O mundo é selvagem O caminho é solitário e, e, e, e ... Eu sei o que sou e o que não sou
  6. By reading all the comments, I couldn't resist and I had to listen to I Don't Search I Find.... OMFG!!!! It's INCREDIBLE!!!! It is soooo Madonna! Those fucking strings! That bass, that beat! Vogue and Rescue Me had a beautiful baby, indeed. God bless Madonna + Mirwais.
  7. It’s working perfectly in Brazil Watching it in HD on my TV.
  8. Maybe some fight moves mixed with ballet for DB? I can see an evolved and more elaborated version of the MET Gala DB performance.
  9. It won't be a disco song and it will probably be the BIM of the album
  10. And it totally makes sense the costume she was wearing for the performance at the MET!
  11. Nope. They were projected on tv screen, positioned over those X and squares on the stage floor.
  12. I don't think so. If you check some instagram stories from people who were there at the BBMAs, they couldn't see the holograms on stage. So I doubt it will be used on tour.
  13. Yeah, they're playing a Brazilian samba song. I remember Maluma said on his stories yesterday something like they're bringing a bit of latin culture to BMAs stage...
  14. OMG! And this is just a behind the scenes shot! Imagine the official one...
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