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  1. Yes based on the title. It sounds already so fun.
  2. Is rushing a bad thing even if she did??? I mean she has to rehearse the huge Eurovision performance and many schedules ahead of her. Maybe She wanted to get good streaming before it dies and release it sooner. Theres nothing wrong. She is not a soccer mom now and so busy and has many things to do right around the corner. But why rush drama??? Because of her lyrics of rush rush from crave??? Lol U guys are stuck with rush lol
  3. It hit the gold. I proudly give it. Excellent
  4. I'm addicted to crave. Swap Lee and madonna sound smooth. Swae Lee looks very jean Michelle basquiat. It looks like Her 80s era came back
  5. Nothing meaningful. Typing on the phone. Just happens like mistakes
  6. I love her vocal tone and skills here. Very young and juvenile.
  7. She looks like very virgin tour era. Her hair, colorful jacket and costumes, and standing like dress you up opening. Very mid 80s.
  8. Crave is a great work. Wonderful production.
  9. Exactly lol Tommy Mottola is dissing whoriah nowadays and thinking their marriage was not appropriate. Finally he is seeing the truth and dares to talk about it Talk about a teen at 19 meeting a married man who own the biggest record company. And then break his family and marriage. Right away u capture him and marry and become the mrs. Record company madame. And use him as your tool of manipulating marketing and overstating chart strategy support. And bargain the manufactured garbage music on cheap sale for the first time music history to manipulate and overdo your chart results. And after using him, u get divorced and suddenly become an innocent victim of a pathetic marriage and old record owner husband. And plays a victim game like a butterfly with broken wings in desperation. What a pathetic whore in music history..
  10. longer version. great!! she is very genuine about this issue and the lgbt community. she is the president for gays. and god. period.
  11. she is legendary. her beauty is legendary too. strikingly beautiful. age is just a number. sure.
  12. That pathetic whorpi has been jealous of the queen since the 90s. I know she wont admit it but deep in her heart she is and always throws her shade. She is so ugly in and out.
  13. That show is pure garbage anyway. Wasting time.
  14. Sjp was a fan of hers. She used to go watch her shows. I remember her doing it at the confessions. Nice of her acknowledgement
  15. The difference is that uve seen the docu and defended him I think. But madonna never has. I'm sure she gonna change after seeing it.
  16. Gosh I cant imagine. She will never let her kids be near him like that. I'm sure. Shes gonna see it someday she said. Shes gonna change I think.
  17. I know. Shes not seen the docu. So shes restricted to say like that.
  18. She looks very legendary hollywood. Joancrawford could cry in the corner to see her. Wow what a beauty she is
  19. Absolutely great as it brings her side of being a dancer like martha graham's elegance through the lyrical ballade at the same time
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