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  1. Comparing the holocaust to this is absolutely ridiculous. This is literally the laziest straw man argument you could possibly ever come up with. Once again an example of black or white emotional thinking. Of course I don't think that every issue has a "both sides" argument, but some of them do, and at the very least things can be discussed on their merits so that real progress can be made. Automatically crying out "transphobia!" and "racism!" every time an issue is brought up is the biggest reason we end up with shit like Trump and all this right wing populism we are seeing around the world (including Spain lol). For the record I don't even agree with Rowling BUT my initial post was about whether or not transwomen are better served in clinics specifically designed for them instead of biological women, which was something that was being discussed. Does asking that make me transphobic? It's also pretty funny to see people on this forum all of a sudden act like angels when we've all seen how Beyonce, Sam Smith, Gaga, etc. are talked about lol. Some of the most hateful comments and borderline racist shit I've seen on here has come from you, so spare me the self-righteousness. Please tell me again how woke you are?
  2. Of course. How else would people come to a solution without a discussion? How else would you educate someone and change their mind?
  3. Are poor countries the ones running huge conglomerates that are ruining the environment...? lol Your logic makes no sense.
  4. It's a discussion that is more complicated than people are making it seem. Everyone wants to oversimplify everything. The question of whether transwomen should be allowed to use the same clinics that are used for women's health issues, for example, is a legitimate one.
  5. Seeing the seething anger that grown men direct toward this girl is fascinating.
  6. Never gonna happen but I want a fucking Daft Punk remix
  7. The industry has hated her for ages. It's not gonna happen.
  8. Yeah I'm not hearing any vocal effects on it at all...
  9. You guys need to chill lol...It's just one person's dumb opinion. Virtually every gun rights organization has been supportive and the video has 149K likes versus 19K dislikes. Some of you are way too emotional about dumb shit like Twitter.
  10. This isn't about Madonna but I thought it would be appropriate here because it mentions a lot of what we've been discussing. Jack White criticizing Pitchfork and similar clickbait publications. Look at the last paragraph...
  11. I still don't hear it, lol. But thanks for clearing it up.
  12. So is this song snippet that we heard in her IG post actually on the album? It kind of sounds like God Control or I Don't Search I Find so maybe an early version of one of those songs?
  13. Most people I'm seeing are strongly disagreeing with her. Also the fact that March For Our Lives tweeted support for the video... She really did not think this through before she tweeted.
  14. I would NEVER want a PC Madonna. What a nightmare to think about lol...
  15. Lol, I knew Madonna including her on I Rise was a bad idea to begin with. You should never sample contemporary political figures. She is entitled to her wrong opinion. It is not representative of everyone on the left, not even close. The response for the video has already been more positive than I expected.
  16. So basically you want her to dumb herself down because some queens will be angry? How disappointing.
  17. The combination of Vogue and American Life is perfect to me...especially if she does God Control too!
  18. The editing is masterful. You can tell they spent a ton of time on it.
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