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  1. Love Spent Appreciation

    I don't think Madonna likes this song. İt was probably going to be one of the songs that go "wasted",you know what I mean, at first Love Spent couldn't make into MDNA tour's setlist, and from Jimmy Fallon 2012: 1:28 Jimmy says that favourite song from the album is Love Spent, and M kinda surprised, cause she probably was planned that she wouldn't gonna performance it, doesn't make a single out of it etc. I'm thinking Guy made her do it because people loved it. And by "wasted songs" I meant like Beautiful Killer- MDNA Nothing Fails- AL Devil Pray, Wash all over me- RH Nothing Really Matters- ROL ; they all are potential hits, but they never got appreciated. I mean come on nothing really matters, huge song never performed, not even once. "Take a Bow" one of the biggest hit, but how many times performed, 2 or something? I hope I made it clear somehow By the way this is my first post!