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  1. I kid you not, I listen to this album multiple times a day, literally almost every single day since it came out!

    I’m surprised how well my boyfriend puts up with it.

    I’m teaching myself Portuguese, I’m going to Lisbon this summer, Madame X is my go to topic of conversation!


    I’m so addicted. Madonna literally broke me with this album.  I need help haha


  2. 3 hours ago, Profane said:

    I need a studio version of the tour version in my life. I really like Future but the tour version is stunning and takes it from a 6/10 song to a 10/10. 

    Yessss! The tour version is AMAZING!! We need it. Should’ve been the album version

  3. This song and God Control might be her best work all decade. This song has been a rising star of this album. Its like the peak of it and draws the listener in. Her voice in portuguese with the thumping beat in the background. That amazing accordion. And whatever that other instrument is a portuguese guitar? Creates an absolutely revolutionary song. Its out pf this world and unlike anything I’ve ever heard

  4. 1. Killers Who Are Partying

    2. God Control

    3. Extreme Occident

    4. I Don’t Search I Find

    5. Dark Ballet

    Madonna and Mirwais are geniuses!

    Also that Tour version of Future is godly! Should’ve been the album version! If anyone has a good download of it. Please send it my way! 

  5. 10 hours ago, Mozo1 said:

    I've had a busy week and not a lot of time to listen to anything—plus allergy headaches have prevented me from putting headphones in, too, but... 


    I hit the train to Medellin this morning and it alone put me in a fantastic mood. I got all the way to Come Alive before I was at my stop and was in my own world by then. This album is a masterpiece, plain & simple. 

    It seriously is!!!! Its amazing how good it makes me feel all the time. I is easily my 2nd fav album of hers. I don’t know if it can beat Erotica for number one but it’s possible!

  6. 35 minutes ago, Bill said:

    I received a $10 refund to my PayPal, I assume it’s for the Freedom fighter bracelet that wasn’t included with the record and T-shirt.  Then I got an email with a $20 gift card to the store. And today, the bracelet arrived in the mail. :lol: hot mess.

    Lmfao! What a disaster! At least you getting money 😂 

    I’ve been waiting for my 2 shirts since April. Got a $20 gift card the other day. Apparently its in back up

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