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  1. Lmao!!!! Let the meltdowns commence.
  2. Great, then can you please make a better cover design and send it to M so we can have a good cover for the Blu Ray? Thanks! Can't see what she uses, now that everyone is gonna produce good designs. I'm sure you all can come up with something great for her!
  3. Thank god someone here has common sense. She has plenty of fan art to choose from. She chose his, and it is what it is. If we're doing an assessment of good vs bad fan art, why don't we talk about some of the other "artists" out there?
  4. You're right, it's bad, so we should sit on the internet and bash him and make him feel like shit about it.
  5. Why are people so mean to Aldo? Yes, his covers aren't great, but he's just a fan trying to show his passion for Madonna. It's Madonna picking his art. The guy is getting attacked viciously just for his artistic expression...it's really sad to see. Even if his cover proposals end up being complete shit, it's ultimately Madonna's fault if she picks one of them -- not his.
  6. techno101


    Yeah, I hate this shot lol. I think it's strange and not how she actually looked when she came out each night. I remember the most captivating stare of hers on the screen...no smile, just her iconic face in all its glory. It was breathtaking.
  7. techno101


    No way! I had no idea. I would never be able to tell on the DVD. Are there any mistakes where it's evident that there isn't an audience in the shot? If not, it's edited flawlessly...
  8. techno101


    Lol what? What are you talking about?
  9. techno101


    Does anyone have a link to the video of her getting in the disco ball from under the stage? Always found that so interesting.
  10. Okay, fair Confessions with the Bugs Bunny expression is also a disaster lol. But I've always kinda liked IGTTYAS. Never understood why that one got so much hate. At the very least, it looks professionally done.
  11. Like wtf is the background in that photo, too? It has nothing to do with that section -- or the tour, for that matter. I would have been happy with a simple screenshot of the intro backdrop. An image with all the warriors pointing their crosses at her would have been fab. I'm actually low key pissed, too, like a lot of members are saying...it's like she purposefully is trying to put out the shoddiest cover images lately and thinks she's being funny. The singles were terrible. MDNA tour was terrible. S&S was terrible. And now Rebel Heart Tour is terrible. It's sad...these shows have only the dvds as the lasting legacy, and you'd have no idea how iconic they were if you were to judge by seeing them on a store shelf. I don't know what has happened in Madonna camp when it comes to high-quality post-Confessions, but the music imagery has been absolutely terrible, starting with Hard Candy. There are certainly exceptions (MDNA deluxe, Rebel Heart deluxe), but the vast majority of her imagery is really bad nowadays, and it isn't fair to her as an artist, nor to the amazing music that she continues to offer. She's too big of a legend for her design department to be putting out worse products than Britney Spears and Selena Gomez. Come on, now, Madonna. Sigh. On a positive note, can't wait for the CD and to hear this show in high quality.
  12. I can't believe the lack of love here for the Confessions Tour version! That was the first time I loved the song. I thought that was a perfect update to it.
  13. Except Lady Gaga is actually a great performer with a phenomenal voice, unlike Taylor Swift. I'm surprised she didn't make the cut.
  14. Maybe, if we're really lucky, he'll use an old candid to make the cover for her next album!
  15. "Please don't do this." I lol-ed. No fears....I was kidding....just was emulating what will probably be yet another meltdown to ensue.