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  1. Lmao!!!! Let the meltdowns commence.
  2. ...okay, it was just a different reinterpretation. No need to be so hostile and rude...
  3. Random Tweets about Madonna

    I just laughed out loud at this. My god, I love this song, but good lord, the lyrics are bad
  4. The Confessions Tour CONFESSIONS OF MADONNA SECTION 1. Let It Will Be (Always thought this would have been an epic song to begin the concert with) 2. Deeper & Deeper (Strings would transition into D&D from LIWB) 3. Sorry (Strings from D&D transition to D&D) 4. Like A Virgin -- Interlude: Dancer Confessions RELIGIOUS/SERIOUS SECTION 5. Live to Tell 6. Secret 7. Forbidden Love 8. Isaac 9. Like A Prayer (Darker version containing elements of Isaac chanting & beats; similar concept to S&S version) -- Interlude: Sanctuary (Contains elements of How High; video of Madonna trying to avoid paparazzi and embrace private life) REBELLIOUS/SEX SECTION 10. Bedtime Story (Junior's Single Mix) 11. What It Feels Like For a Girl (Offer Nissim Mix) 12. Justify My Love (Contains elements of Human Nature) 13. Like It Or Not -- Interlude: Future Lovers Intro (Same audio as original tour) RAVE/ELECTRO ROCK SECTION 14. Future Lovers/I Feel Love 15. Ray of Light (Live 8 Version) 16. Hollywood (Sander Kleinenberg Mix; Similar performance to LIWB on actual tour; this album deserved some representation on this tour) 17. Drowned World/Nothing Fails (Like original Confessions Tour demo version, but extended Nothing Fails) 18. Oh Father (Acoustic/Piano Version) -- Interlude: Music Inferno Intro (Contains more elements from Where's the Party, Holiday) DISCO SECTION 19. Music Inferno 20. Erotica 21. Get Together (Piano/synths from end of Erotica transitions into this) 22. Open Your Heart (Darker version; mashed up with Get Together) 23. Jump -- Encore -- 24. Lucky Star/Hung Up My biggest takeaway from the Confessions Tour was that, although a phenomenal show, it needed more hits. Additionally, I wish the show had been a bit more like a megamix with harder hitting club versions of the songs. Some of it might look weird on paper, but it makes sense in my head. Haha. I always thought Jump would be a good ending song, similar to Keep It Together. Tried to fit in Vogue, but it really just never had a chance of working on this tour, did it?
  5. Great, then can you please make a better cover design and send it to M so we can have a good cover for the Blu Ray? Thanks! Can't see what she uses, now that everyone is gonna produce good designs. I'm sure you all can come up with something great for her!
  6. Thank god someone here has common sense. She has plenty of fan art to choose from. She chose his, and it is what it is. If we're doing an assessment of good vs bad fan art, why don't we talk about some of the other "artists" out there?
  7. You're right, it's bad, so we should sit on the internet and bash him and make him feel like shit about it.
  8. Why are people so mean to Aldo? Yes, his covers aren't great, but he's just a fan trying to show his passion for Madonna. It's Madonna picking his art. The guy is getting attacked viciously just for his artistic expression...it's really sad to see. Even if his cover proposals end up being complete shit, it's ultimately Madonna's fault if she picks one of them -- not his.

    Yeah, I hate this shot lol. I think it's strange and not how she actually looked when she came out each night. I remember the most captivating stare of hers on the screen...no smile, just her iconic face in all its glory. It was breathtaking.
  10. Might be in the minority here, but I thought Iconic was butchered. Iconic Part 2 is so much better. With a bit more production, that would been an awesome track.

    No way! I had no idea. I would never be able to tell on the DVD. Are there any mistakes where it's evident that there isn't an audience in the shot? If not, it's edited flawlessly...

    Lol what? What are you talking about?