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  1. Thanks for being the only logical person here. No one is trying to start a fight, just stating the facts... You're cute, by the way
  2. Your excitement ended up being self-serving and being about seeing Madonna in person, at the expense of a lot of fans who were looking forward to new album news. There's no way she changed her mind last minute about a single release. This never was happening. Happy 2019, and I'm glad you and Mensch had better nights than some of us did.
  3. Again, incorrect. Here was the hint: What I heard has me dizzy. I’m literally nauseous and feeling like I might pass out. I’m sorry I can’t say a SINGLE word or detail but all will be revealed #SOON!  This clearly was alluding to a new single, and most of the fanbase was hyped as a result. This wasn't nice.
  4. That's not true, actually. There were many hints alluding to a new single. This was lame, period.
  5. Never mind the comments here...you are quite attractive
  6. Ugh, what a letdown. This shouldn't have been hyped like it was.
  7. Guys, don't forget the reports about the new PR Firm from last week...it's very possible she has a totally new approach lined up for the promotional blitz this time around...she hired top notch talent, and I have a feeling we will not be disappointed tonight...
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