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  1. Silly and fun are one thing. But this is more a case of a killer beat with cringe worthy lyrics. Not unlike "American Life"

    I strongly prefer Unapologetic Bitch

    I agree! I like BIM but the lyrics are a tad too cheesy for the beat. UB's lyrics are better, I think maybe because it's about more of a personal thing.

    Blood Diamonds because Devil is the best production on the whole album. Even the mixing is perfect.

    YES!!! Devil Pray probably is the best mixed out of the lot.

    I think a lot of the tracks on this album suffered from the leak situation. Maybe even the tracklist suffered too.

  2. This Producer/DJ debate is weird.... Diplo is both a producer and a DJ, so is Dahi and many others that M has worked with.

    Anyhow, I do think some of you have a point about the leaks not allowing for the songs to be properly finished. And Diplo's BIM is better in my opinion. I think it sounds like it's mixed better too but again, the leaks would have caused the album mixing and mastering to be rushed so it's understandable.

    It seems to me like everyone did the best they could given the situation. But I do I think we would have had a different RH album if it wasn't for the leaks.

  3. Blood Diamonds/DJ Dahi for me. I thought they sounded like an updated and more diverse Mirwais. Very dyanmic and full of tricks, so to speak. Kept me interested.
    Just FYI - they are also the main producers of Body Shop, not Toby G.
    “Body Shop” (Ciccone/Gad/McDonald/Griffin/Natche/Tucker)

    Webo Girl Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)/Atlas Music Publishing o/b/o itself and Gadfly Songs (ASCAP)/EMI April Music, Inc. and Mo Zella Mo Music (ASCAP)/WB Music Corp., Roc Nation Music and Vohndee’s Soul Music Publishing c/o WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Sonata and Dahi Productions (SESAC)/Michael Tucker Music (ASCAP) c/o Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, These Are Songs of Pulse (ASCAP) and OWSLA Trax (ASCAP) c/o Kobalt Songs Music Publishing

    Producers: Madonna, DJ Dahi, Michael Diamonds, Toby Gad

    I like DJ Dahi's work.

  4. Brahim's brother (the one who was in a lot of photos from Madonna & Rocco's bdays in France) was in that same part of Paris on that night. So maybe he was supposed to be there. I doubt she has completely lost all compassion for him as a human, whatever happened between them. It wouldn't surprise me if she did check if he was ok.

    About the Candy Shop video; I think she was pissed off with Brahim before the start of the song & that's why there were so many knowing looks going back & forth between her & the rest of the dancers. It seemed to me like she was trying to get herself out of a horrible mood & they were trying to be supportive.

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