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  1. Just now, Carta said:

    I think it's the way you worded it.  Madonna didn't actually know that the work Mirwais presented her wasn't entirely his own.  Her lawyers have said this.  Using inverted commas implies that Madonna has somehow claimed unfair credit for someone else's work.  She didn't.  Mirwais, on the other hand, did.  Madonna's contribution to "God Control" isn't under question, and nor should any of her other credits on the album.  Had you said, "I wonder if there are any other songs on Madame X that Mirwais 'wrote' that were actually written by someone else?", I don't think anyone would have had an issue with what you were saying (since Casey has actually highlighted that Mirwais's integrity should be called into question, even though he's laying the blame squarely on Madonna).

    Oh. Well, I apologize if it came out wrong. 🙂

  2. 2 hours ago, Future feat Quavo said:

    Dark Ballet & Killers have cringeworthy lyrics, and the instrumentals are either trash (dark ballet) or forgettable (killers). Crazy, Come Alive, and Crave are decent but all scream filler to me...Awful production ruins songs like Batuka and crap lyrics did the same to Extreme Occident ().


  3. 22 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Why are people shallow and not deep if they don't like Batuka ?  Maybe some people just don't like the shouting of the song and lack of melody.  Wonderful that others love it.  Different views on music is always interesting and welcome.  Taste is subjective after all and thank goodness we all have different favourite songs that reach us in different ways.  Looking for mercy, Falling Free,  Drowned World and This used to be my playground are unique and different Madonna songs that reach me deeply that others probably dislike.   Nothing to do with not being meaningful or intelligent.   Different tastes and different likes - part of the joy of being a Madonna fan as so much to choose from. 

    Well said. :clap: I actually do like Batuka but I don’t see any reason to insult people who don’t.

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