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  1. Hoping it will do more than 1 million in 24 hours
  2. Does anyone know if Radio 2 drops songs suddenly or are they usually downgraded to the B list and then C list??
  3. I just hope the general public will be made aware that there is a new video out!!
  4. She looks perfect in this video. I even like the dancing!!
  5. Thanks!! I was misreading the Japanese Premier not Premium!!
  6. @Crystal Coffin @dcbyebyebaby Thanks. Does that video mean that it is already available for people who have premium accounts?
  7. I agree. Listening to the isolated mic feed of her BBMAs - she sounded fine (maybe not ultra amazing) and that was not too long ago!!
  8. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt BUT his attitude throughout was like someone who didn't want to be there... Compare that to Maluma rehearsing so hard to deal with the holograms!!
  9. Maybe the message was that much more important to her than a few thousand extra album sales....
  10. I really hope she can upload the full performance onto her channel.
  11. Criticizing her vocals in LAP and then her lip- synching in Future is what I think they mean??
  12. They haven't uploaded the video but the live stream is still available on the official Eurovision channel. The speech has not been muted on that.
  13. Bad vocals and lack of energy are the two biggest issues (according to some).
  14. Too early to say that!! The album isn't even out yet and who know what else she has planned!
  15. This is kinda what I feel. Was I blown away? No BUT was it some abysmal performance? No way!
  16. I need to watch it a few more times to fully digest. I'm not on social media so really pay no attention to what others are saying.
  17. Crave has made it to her Top 5 on Spotify behind Medellin, LAP, LAV and MG.
  18. 3am Tokyo.... Don't think I can stay up!! Will have to wake up to the performance
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