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  1. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    ‘Katypatra’ - Katy Perry fan? What year were you born?.
  2. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    I somewhat agree with your description however have you listened to his HIStory album lately? That album really tested his mettle, has its subversive moments and is quite epic in its themes and orchestrations. I believe it's his most underrated and most expressive, emotionally raw piece of work. Edit: And oh yeh, Madonna has been oh-so 'cinematic' since 2008 LOL.
  3. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    I like how people either: a) Try to rewrite history as they prefer to see it, or b) Weren't born or old enough to appreciate MJ's impact Michael was a bona fide star since before he was a teenager and released many hits since then, into his 40s. Michael's impact was immense, truly global and he also broke racial boundaries during the advent of MTV. Madonna's success has endured for various reasons, however MJ's raw talent and peak success is untouchable. Michael had the magic; Madonna has the stamina.
  4. I'm not outraged by the article, but if you've studied Xtina and read between the lines, she is arrogant and passive-aggressive. The past 20 or so years of pop culture is peppered with anecdotes of Xtina acting in this fashion.
  5. I would never want someone like Andy Cohen in my personal life.
  6. Madonna RARE

  7. Try not to be so sensitive.
  8. Bla, bla, bla. Didn't read it.
  9. Madonna is struggling with getting older on a creamy-smooth-pop-icon-goddess scale for various reasons imo: 1) Her looks were her main currency since she became famous, which must be deeply ingrained and hard to shake. 2) She is a female in a, sadly, toxic industry, choosing to play the youth game in order to stay lucrative and also validate her ego. 3) This can undermine her ethos because she chooses to now model herself on a typical standard of beauty (give or take a mouth grill). 4) This standard is not empowering to women (and the opposite of rebellious) because it's based on that of the straight male gaze. 5) So, as a highly intelligent woman, when she plays the convenient ageism/sexism card in interviews she is actually fooling herself. 6) Her last ex-husband went on to marry a much younger and conventionally pretty women, which must be hard to digest. 7) A heightened sense of her mortality as her children mature and she ages. On an image level, enlightened 1997-2003 Madonna would likely find 2018 Madonna fairly reductive. Having said that, I will always love her and understand that we can evolve and regress and struggle as humans. I just wish she was more free and a true rebel in this respect. PS: Basic, post-Hard Candy, and/or overly defensive fans need not respond.
  10. Madonna’s Instagram

    I like you too.
  11. Madonna’s Instagram

    I like you.
  12. "The Next Best Thing" 18th Anniversary

    This whole project was worth it for one thing alone: Time Stood Still.
  13. I like you. You're smart, and not some hoodwinked fan.
  14. Madonna’s Oscar Party

    So, that's what you value, hey? Revealing. Keep your trashy mumble rapper.