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  1. All the collaborations have an "X" in them, it just means "crossover", so she wouldn't tease with a giant X
  2. When do the GLAAD Awards take place ?
  3. Nothing says the green screen and the eye patched picture are for the same project
  4. I don't think so, they probably just gave them jerkins to have fun and discover how the whole thing worked. I just think it's for the horse thing.
  5. The horse will be on a green screen
  6. That's why I turn notifications off Soccer Mom is only on Sundays, we can't say we didn't have posts about music these days...
  7. They see me rollin', they hatin'
  8. I hope the title "Indian Summer" doesn't imply a September release
  9. In the universe of American people who only speak English But I agree with @ashtangi74, the guy probably meant that the music sounded latino
  10. I kinda like "Spanish Lesson"
  11. "Spanish sounding" could mean Spanish, Portugese, French or Italian x)
  12. Guy O's current IG story is only for close friends, I can't see it
  13. That post is from June 2018, it was during the recording
  14. This is not the Lana Del Rey thread
  15. Ooh la la you're my Supermoon Ooh la la I'm coming soon
  16. The album is called MOON but she misspelled it SOON
  17. So how many videos are there ? - Eclipse - Globe Theatre - Church - ... ?
  18. Technically BIM wasn't in a studio. But the last time she shot outdoors was for TUTR
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