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  1. I finally received my Tote bag yesterday, Its so crappy and flimsy I think I'm gonna turn it into a cushion
  2. I saw the Gagamel cover the other day at the newsagency and avoided it completely, but good to see Madonnas presence inside cancels out that horror haha
  3. I am waiting till the Queens official serving
  4. Wow wow wow I LOVE it so much, our Queen is delivering the goods yet again
  5. Love it!!! Been listening on repeat, can't wait for the vid! Pre ordered my clear vinyl, this era is gonna be out of control. So exciting Back to bed for me its 2:30am in Aus
  6. Congrats Rachelle, what a dream come true moment for you!! Very happy for you, enjoy it! xx
  7. Such a great gem of a song, have always loved it and like others have said it's just the perfect ending to the Erotica album
  8. This flawless pic and the whole 1990 Meisel shoot for me, just stunning stunning stunning! A great era, love early 90's Madonna
  9. Awesome find. Aaah I miss the days of trawling through record stores looking for Madonna stuff.
  10. Secret (Juniors Luscious Club Mix)
  11. Oh wow that really looks like it! Someone should get down there and take a picture, or better still, throw on a leather jacket and just walk right in Aaaah!
  12. She uses the colour blue on quite a few of her album covers My top 5 is: Erotica Bedtime Stories Madonna Something to Remember True Blue
  13. Does anybody know the location of their house in the video? I have always wondered if the house and street still exists, and what the heck is she eating when she is on the ferry, I have always wondered about that too haha Excellent vid and song, one of her best
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