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  1. I hate floppage pooriah her career is in vegas madonna doing rebel heart tour worldwide and mariah carey is boring plastic bimbo cunt ever there's no brain thought in her pea brain
  2. In spin interview he asked madonna would you want to be mariah carey writing silly pop songs madonna laughs I kill myself
  3. My apologies to CzarnaWisnia anyone on here get back to topic
  4. So it sounds like a no for ghosttown getting song or record of the year cause it wasn't successful on hot 100
  5. I bought all three versions I can't find vinyl when I do I get it and during tour I get all 3 cds and vinyl again anything helps put numbers up for rebel heart
  6. Has a song that's not been a smash hit won for record or song of the year holidayguy can you tell me that. Has ghosttown have a chance at either of those nominations
  7. Beck didn't sell alot got biggest grammy? So your logic don't make sense it's up to grammy voters other musicians
  8. Ghosttown was number 1 dance club song your saying that's grammys are all about billboard why did beck win hot 100 don't mean shit billboard is all fucked up it matter on grammy voters
  9. Bitch iam madonna remix video I can't stop watching it gives me life ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  10. His daughters were at concert they were so nice he was such a nice man
  11. While iam in front of my millions and millions of my diehard fans who I love with all my heart can't wait to look into each one of their eyes giving them my best performance and eeverything I got to show my love for them for being they all these years they are all my #rebelhearts
  12. Just that iam queen of music all time female artist touring and chart entries rebel heart is my rebellious and heart intimacy parts of me. mariah carey will always be jealous of me she needs to hire my trainer and food dietary people I feel so sorry for her recent 100 pound weight gain good luck on your Vegas residency
  13. Yes Ulizos you would be so her type I saw your pics she would love you your her biggest supporter and love her music mad an you would have a Blast hanging out♡
  14. and you should have more number 1s than mariah carey I remember cherish express yourself causing cac from who's that girl soundtrack I remember you see don't tell me material girl angel keep it together erotica secret ray of light frozen die another day hung up 4 mins in this era living for love ghosttown should have been huge hits ghosttown in anther time would be a 1 hot 100 song Bitch iam mad will be breaking record book dance club 1 songs half the songs I listed were at number 2 for weeks she should have in real life 22 or 23 number hot 100 1s
  15. MADONNA IS MY INSPIRATION HOPE SHES SEE THIS you help me with dealing with bullying and when my mom died I kept pplaying I remember help me through the grief you have been there through everything madonna 1983-2015 I loved you during sex book I love that era and stood with when many madonna fan dropped like flies you are charismatic charitable great mother deal with exs perfect I love all your looks especially now you are inspiration with fit lifestyle and great eating habits your more beautiful sexy and voice is better than ever I love instagram pics and your rebel heart pics your loyal fan jimster48.
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