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  1. I think I am going to have one extra floor seat in Floor 3 for Saturdays Miami show. PM me if interested, I will know for sure this weekend when my friend lets me know if she can make it or not (but its looking like she cant)
  2. Have 2 tickets for Miami Saturday night Sec 6 Row 8 Seat 8,9. They were Ticketmaster Platinum seats and were $550 each
  3. I had electronic tickets in Brooklyn and when you checked in they gave you a print out anyway.
  4. Looking for 2 Miami floor seats. Preferably for Saturday night but Sunday would work too!
  5. Bill my contest seats were in the rear floor, first row of risers elevated my friends were really happy with them. They had a stack they were giving out and it was first come first served. I met another couple who won who picked up their tickets right before showtime and they were in the 200s. I picked mine up around 3pm Another friend won the tidal contest. She was in row CC of section 122
  6. The crowd was definitely older but very into it. So many people singing along to the rebel heart songs. Had a great time and it seemed M did too. For a show that was struggling it was mostly sold out. Very happy with the outcome.
  7. Where are your contest seats? Mine were R12 row 7 of floor risers
  8. He is also known as Blood Diamonds he helped produce Body Shop and one other song on RH I forget which
  9. Michael Diamond. Also I have one ticket in Section 105 I got from the $114 deal if anyone is interested in it, PM me.
  10. I don't think that's gonna happen. Almost all models have the hurricane going out to sea. However I think the nor'easter tomorrow we have to worry about.
  11. Me too I am literally being driven crazy by this!!
  12. I won too!! Lol. Already have tickets so will give these to my sister in law!
  13. I heard not until Monday if at all, we should be ok
  14. 3... Possibly 4 as I'm considering Miami as well. I have friends where I can crash at lol
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