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  1. Loving and enjoying this album so much. I edited my playlist to these 12 tracks. My Rebel Heart Album 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Hold Tight (demo) 6. Joan of Arc 7. Heartbreak City 8. Bodyshop 9. Inside Out 10. Wash All Over Me 11. Best Night 12. Rebel Heart (demo)
  2. I love this version https://vimeo.com/120946187
  3. all of her competitors are turning into metal and in the final moments, madonna herself is turning into metal but she dance her life off with the help of cgi. In the lyrics, "let it wash all over me" the liquid metal is almost covering her body but at the end, madonna survived and the liquid metal exploded into metal dust particle.
  4. It can be like a futuristic setting and they are fighting for survival by doing a Latin ballroom dancing competition a la Hunger Games but in dance. All these beautiful bodies in these glamorous costumes will be fierce!
  5. I really hope madonna makes this a single and use the demo version with Avicii. I am also imagining the music video to be about Madonna playing a character of a competitive Latin ballroom dancer during a competition.
  6. 1. Body Shop 2. Wash All Over Me 3. Ghosttown 4. Joan of Arc 5. Living For Love/Rebel Heart
  7. ^ u hot...hihih I like the album version of RH, but if Madonna decides to release it as a single, I prefer the demo. The sound of the demo reminds me of Live to Tell
  8. Potentially can become a top 5 billboard hit for Madonna
  9. My favorite song in the album...love this song so much!!
  10. I think WAOM has the potential to become an empowering song like We Are The Champions by Queen!
  11. I'm having so much fun buying or searching for the Super Deluxe copy of this album. I tried phoning like 6 different stores around my location asking if they have a Super Deluxe copy and the sales people would ask me which deluxe copy because they have several different ones. So I would reply by asking "do you have the one with the front album cover of Madonna grabbing her boobies?" and their responses I wish I could record lol
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