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  1. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aWMsOTE4MzEzNDd8MXZPeHd3RU9BYWd4Qt4fvoamAYxjwz66C1Zep4J00GgnW9gWHID_HJbaQxMp
  2. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aWMoeTE4MzEzNDd8MUx5eEJwZEVPa0xHTrQ8IR3cTiO-fxr0MXOJ6wz_kSqJqDtKjrwI1lkY6tDZ
  3. Any pics of the extensions EDIT: Nevermind. I posted press pics!
  4. Rebel Heart is probably my favorite M album! (It will always be in my top 3 of her albums too)
  5. Why would Madonna's team pull the plug if the venue had no problem with the show going on late? Maybe a technical difficulty happened and she just did Holiday because why would they wait 20-30 minutes for the stuff to get fixed for one song?
  6. I love the straight hair but the waves will always be my fave
  7. No that she left us with an explanation for us let's move on now
  8. What songs did she do in the accoustic section last night? I was in New York for Mariah's show all day yesterday
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