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  1. nefarious

    Prince Dead at 57

    I can't even process this. This can't be real
  2. It changes almost every day but recently my 'Living For Love' obsession has been rekindled, so I'm going with that.
  3. nefarious

    I miss Living for Love

    Love it so much. And the video too; it's simple but visually memorable, and I like those intense sound effects over the music. I don't know why it just gets my heart pumping.
  4. I never thought of it like that, that's actually really cool. I always thought the wires were like the ropes people throw over a statue before they tear it down, as if to say everyone is trying to bring her down since she's a rebel but she remains strong/triumphant. I like that there's different ways of looking at it, it's a sign of good artwork.
  5. The video was just as ridiculous as I expected it to be and I love it. I'm iffy about the cameos but overall it made me really hyped about the song just like the Fallon performance, so I think it did its job. Not sure why some people are getting in a tizzy, I mean how could that not have left a smile on your face?? There were glow-in-the-dark sock puppets!
  6. It's always on my playlist when I go running, along with the Offer Nissim drums remix. So good
  7. I'm lost - is "dance in a different way" a euphemism for something?
  8. nefarious


    God Drake is classless. He is now accursed forever.
  9. So I missed this last night and just watched it, which may have been a poor choice because I was not ready to get SLAYED this early in the morning I just have no words. Meanwhile all these pop stars try so hard to act like they don't give a f- when Madonna proved it in those few minutes without even trying. It was really hard not to scream but I was in public and had to restrain myself lol I wasn't the biggest fan of the comedy skit but even that just goes to show how Madonna literally does not give a DAMN what anyone thinks, and it's so refreshing All I can say QUEEN
  10. I think it's just too early to say. I want to see how I feel about RH in a year before putting it in my faves but it's definitely a strong contender right now. Probably I would still choose COADF but out of fairness to RH I think I'll wait. Also, as much as I love Confessions, ROL, etc. I'm glad she didn't stick exclusively to any of those styles and tries different things all the time. I definitely have my favourites but I don't see how people can worship just one singular album of her's. To me both RH and COADF are part of the collective experience that is Madonna - I don't really have to choose.
  11. Why do I always feel like Taylor Swift is being disingenuous about her "love" for Madonna. Maybe it's just my inner-cynic. Anyway, that was a very cute performance; smart on M's part. Showing the world once again that even the hottest star in the world right now is only as good as a background accompaniment for our eternal Queen
  12. Whether she's being ironic or not, she's allowed to appreciate her newer songs. BIM is great "21. The quality I most loathe in people is making assumptions. Not doing research, investigating or asking questions and just assuming something. Oh, that drives me bonkers. I also can't stand when I'm talking to someone and they're texting. My kids do it! It drives me up the wall. I always put my hand on their phones and ruin whatever they're doing." Yes! I can't STAND when people do this ugh Bless her for always preaching the truth
  13. nefarious

    Madonna on Ellen: continued

    I just re-watched the performance of Joan of Arc on Ellen's official youtube and I think I was even more moved than the first time. Everything about it is so raw and beautiful I am just at a loss for words Also, I know it shouldn't matter ( ) , but most of the top youtube comments on that video are really lovely, I was genuinely surprised. People seem really endeared by her vulnerability and I think she connected on a more human level to those who aren't used to seeing her in that way. It's wonderful to see people appreciating her as a genuine artist and not just a singer or performer.
  14. Such carefree skipping lmao, it's almost liberating to watch. And the decoration makes it look like she's skipping through the forest or something M meets Little Red Riding Hood
  15. Principally, no one should. But this beautiful performance does not deserve the portion of the dislike bar it has now. It's just a little disheartening.