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  1. It's impossible for me not to dance when this comes on. A good song to burn calories to
  2. I am a detransitioned butch lesbian woman. I identified as trans for 10 years because I hated being female and thought that made me a boy. It's been a hard journey into loving myself, to say the least (I've only just switched my gender marker on this website). I'm starting to undo the years of damage that gender ideology has done to me. I really do think butch lesbians and gender non-conforming kids in general are being pushed to transition - or, if that upsets you, perhaps "pushed" is the wrong word. Let's just say peer pressure and social media play a big part. I know I wouldn't have known s
  3. It changes almost every day but recently my 'Living For Love' obsession has been rekindled, so I'm going with that.
  4. Love it so much. And the video too; it's simple but visually memorable, and I like those intense sound effects over the music. I don't know why it just gets my heart pumping.
  5. I never thought of it like that, that's actually really cool. I always thought the wires were like the ropes people throw over a statue before they tear it down, as if to say everyone is trying to bring her down since she's a rebel but she remains strong/triumphant. I like that there's different ways of looking at it, it's a sign of good artwork.
  6. "It’s relentless: the awkward onstage kiss with Drake, the topless shot in Interview magazine, the strenuous demonstrations of libido." Seriously - she refers to Madonna's sexual expression as "strenuous". Something tells me if that if Madonna were thirty years younger, the demonstrations of libido would not be called "strenuous" but instead "empowering" or something of the like. When Madonna does it, suddenly it's desperate and inappropriate. The author is doing NOTHING to combat this idea in the article, and instead perpetuates these ageist beliefs. Look, if you liked the article, I'm happ
  7. It said some very nice things about Madonna to be sure, but that doesn't mean it wasn't being ignorant at the same time (and it was). My brain is functioning fine, and throwing in a bunch of praises is not going to make me overlook the parts where the author called her embarrassing and relentlessly trying to act young. That's no different than the narrative being spewed by the rest of the ageist media and you don't get to get away with it by saying she has a strong voice (even though that is a nice compliment).
  8. "But the subject of her advancing years dominates seemingly every conversation about her." So this person decided to amend this by . . . writing an article about her age? I agree with Suedehead - how riveting indeed. "Why does she have the seemingly compulsive need to shock and titillate" Oh please. She's not showing up to award shows wearing over-the-top theatre costumes or a chicken-nugget mask. All she's doing is expressing herself sexually which, at her age, is for some reason shocking and offensive when it shouldn't be. That's the whole point - she's rebelling against expectations that
  9. I thought the ending was very appropriate, especially the quote "may God [Madonna] bless you all." LOL anyway it's always good to see newer artists praising M. (Then again, she invented them. Thanking her is the least they should do).
  10. I know it was harmless and he was just joking. It just wasn't the wisest word choice lol, given that the media doesn't need more opportunities to tack the word "grandma" to her name. You're right though, it's not a big deal. The press isn't going to be favorable to her no matter what; they're no doubt going to call her "grandma" regardless. I didn't mean to come off as nit-picky or turn such a positive article into something spiteful, when it's not. Lord knows there's a lot of shit written about M these days, we should rejoice when people who actually know her speak up and say wonderful thi
  11. "After, about when he said like he hated it because of her lipstick or whatever, I felt bad for her and she didn't take it well herself." Knew it. You could tell she was hurt by that, probably because she trusted Drake and he threw her under the bus. It was good of him to clarify afterwards but he shouldn't have been so careless in the first place. Also bless Diplo lol. His praises were a bit all over the place in this interview (I found it hard to follow) but you can just tell that he has a lot of love for M. I'm still giving him some side-eye for that grandma comment though
  12. The video was just as ridiculous as I expected it to be and I love it. I'm iffy about the cameos but overall it made me really hyped about the song just like the Fallon performance, so I think it did its job. Not sure why some people are getting in a tizzy, I mean how could that not have left a smile on your face?? There were glow-in-the-dark sock puppets!
  13. Nice article, love the pic too. The "literal Renaissance Madonna" part seems a bit far-fetched, but I sort of get it. I can't imagine a name more befitting for her
  14. Yup. This is why it's always amusing when they have to begrudgingly include her in these types of lists. I'm sure Madonna isn't bothered in the least but Forbes can suck it. Anyway, still very impressive. Go M
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