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  1. Tragic tracklist. 2SBH is a horrid song and they cut out some masterpieces. Praying for the flop taste of the author.
  2. Yes. Amazon and DrownedMadonna have the tracklist for thr SuperDeluxe. Queen and Autotune Baby got replaced by 2 Living For Love rmxs
  3. Extremely happy that "Autotune Baby" got cut from the official release! Horrid song! However, I will never get over "Queen" flawless song! Why, Madonna, why?
  4. It seems Madonna got replaced by Beyonce as the show opener.
  5. Wow! How did you do the choir vocals? So cool! I love it. You should be an official remixer.
  6. 01. Living For Love 02. Devil Pray (released in March) 03. Unapologetic Bitch (summer single) 04. Rebel Heart (tour single)
  7. I loved the video, but it would be more fitting for "Devil Pray".
  8. It's a powerful video! She's fighting her own demons and coming out victorious. Wow!
  9. I was a Madonna fan for years and years. Then Hard Candy and MDNA happened. I could tolerate Hard Candy, but MDNA was a huge disappointment for me. It felt like she lost her creative spark. Rebel Heart reinvigorated my trust in Madonna as an artist. The album is brave, rebellious, smart and fun! Definitely her best work since COADF and a true return to form.
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