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  1. the tricks up her sleeve between now and tour is what i was talking about- i want more
  2. yeh..thats what i meant too- no more promotions.. She's in full tour rehearsal mode.
  3. i feel she probably won't make another one =( not for long long time
  4. Will it be quiet now- till September when the tour starts - no more promos?
  5. thank you.. so exciting keep us posted =D
  6. she looks great- lost alot of weight - you can tell from when the God Control video that was shot early this year to her body now.
  7. I've only seen really positive comments on her Youtube- casually scrolling through it past couple days.
  8. what secrecy- we all know the set list its totally confirmed -
  9. She gets along with the Mario guy who's is the host right? all good
  10. the drag queens seems to just be extras not a focus of the video. looks like a big party
  11. i think its the same team that worked on medallion- same director, DianA Kunst
  12. feel like her waiting for Anita has to do with a performance - rather than making a video? maybe the performance will be an official video
  13. how is it pathetic? looks cool as shit.. its a POP UP!
  14. she's having a POP up store in NYC- selling those merchandise - LOL
  15. a total Fkn mess- we NO nothing... of this performance
  16. thats taking things too literal- im sorry to say. WTF! you seen those hats since the album was teased months ago..
  17. WTF? we are 100% sure? with all do respect to Mensch, who is this source - is he or she watching her rehearse these song right now? we have sometime til Pride and things can change.
  18. can she just come in the Crave video look- NO EYEPATCH- please, 80s messy hair..
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