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  1. NYC Sept. 16

    I hope she will have some guest stars, like Nikki Minaj or NAS on stage with her
  2. I've been wondering if I would want to be picked up... I think i would be a mess. Once M handed me the microphone to sing GI2M during the soundcheck and I completely messed up the lyrics haha
  3. NYC Sept. 16

    Finally got my tickets for the 16th on Stub Hub Section1 Floor Look out for the guy dressed as Frida Kahlo! I'm so excited!
  4. NYC Sept. 16

    I'll probably get one of those if I can't find anything better by the time of the show. For MDNA I scored great floor seats that were released days before the concert
  5. NYC Sept. 16

    I didn't get any tickets for the NY show If anyone has an extra great seat to sell let me know!
  6. Ticket Exchange thread!

    I'd love to find some really great seats for the NY shows... I'm holding out till the last minute but if someone here needs to discard them it would be great!
  7. Ghosttown video #soon

    Good question... I think the artist does actually. Lady Gaga pays for her own videos. And Madonna said in an interview that she payed for the American Life video out of her own pocket. Maybe this is why she stopped making real videos
  8. It's the acoustic version of the final album track, like Love Spent. Different from the demo.
  9. I prefer Inside Out, Heartbreak City (Demo 3) and Living for For Love (Demo 5) over the album versions. Also Joan of Arc (Acoustic) over the more upbeat one....
  10. Ghosttown video #soon

    A video in an actual ghosttown is too literal. I would love it if it was happening in space.... Something with a real budget and production value, like the movie Gravity but of course more fashionable....
  11. It's by far my favorite version. I replaced it in my playlist with the regular version.