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  1. From a pure money perspective, touring makes more money than music sales so this can't be called a bad commercial decision per se. Even with the best decision making and team in the world, no 60-year-old woman is going to be churning out mainstream hits for a variety of (unfortunate) societal reasons.
  2. It is! The deluxe tracks aren't the last ones in the track listing. Extreme Occident and Looking for Mercy are the deluxe tracks.
  3. Yeah, Mariah's single didn't make the Hot 100. iTunes was at its peak around the time of Hard Candy and MDNA. I think in other countries where streaming counts less, iTunes is still important for the charts.
  4. It's unlikely this week. New music is normally released on Friday. By releasing Wednesday she got less than a half a week in. Streaming is the most important component nowadays are her streaming is modest out of the gate so far. She has a better chance next week with a full seven days and the video coming out.
  5. Wasn't that in response to a question about how Mariah's single did? lol
  6. She's playing a new, very small venue in Macau. That's part of the reason. If she were playing a normal sized arena I'm sure it would be more similar to the other Asian dates
  7. I think Mexico would be awesome. She'll be fresh after the holidays and the Latin American crowds are always amazing.
  8. It's exciting because she could do an acoustic version of basically any song! Secret would be a natural fit, but she could do almost anything
  9. Yeah and one of the things about this tour is that, for the most part, the Rebel Heart tracks sound quite good among the classics. It's not like Ghosttown and Rebel Heart are huge letdows coming off Who's That Girl, they very much keep the quality at a high level. Same with LFL and La Isla Bonita.
  10. It certainly will. It's just a question of when. I would say it's on pace to crack 150 million around late November. 200 million in February or March
  11. She uses Erotica a lot in past few years?
  12. The MDNA promo was a lot less effort for people. That was more of an opt-out vs. Rebel Heart's opt-in. Plus it's 2015 y'all. The amount of people that are going to buy a CD at a concert are incredibly low. A vinyl would probably sell better as collector's item
  13. This is the key to me! I play all her albums regularly for a maybe 3 or 4 months, but I listen to Rebel Heart way more 6 months than any of the recent albums.
  14. Driving? NJ during rush hour is the worst. Plus the Pope will literally be in in both Philly and NYC that day. Is the train a possibility? it would be quicker.
  15. I felt fine at Barclay's. I was in the upper tier though
  16. To be fair you can be a celeb AND a fan. Try to tell Kelly Ripa she's less of loon than all of us
  17. I like BBB but I'm not really dying for it to come back. IMO Erotica's most iconic songs are Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, and Rain, so that would make Rain the one that needs to come back (although she used it as an interlude on S&S so it hasn't been completely ignored). But as we all know, there are fewer spots for slow songs so it makes things tough. Outside of those 3, we probably won't get anything from Erotica.
  18. You mean the Erotica video? In that case it would be the opposite. A lot of the Erotica video is outtakes from the set of Sex (which was done first).
  19. Yeah she's in a really tough place with the slow songs. She can't have too many so it's a tight selection. She must have simply felt that Heartbreak City/LDLHA fit better with the show, and it seems like a great performance, so I can't really fault the decision.
  20. Honestly not really because I liked all of these songs before! In terms of old songs, I have remembered/appreciated how good Who's That Girl and Love Don't Live Here Anymore are.
  21. I never noticed the excerpt from Erotica in LAV until tonight!
  22. I don't think it says anything about the crowd as a whole. There was just literally one girl near him that seemed like the most annoying person who has ever lived lolz
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