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  1. While a new song is exciting, I feel like it would be a missed opportunity to not perform Medellin. I mean it is the current single after all, getting streamed the most, the #1 song on Radio 2, etc.
  2. I doubt it for a few reasons: 1) It comes out a full 3 weeks ahead of Madame X 2) Bohemian Rhapsody used Queen's music unchanged while Rocketman's songs are actually sung by the actor and 3) Currently, Rocketman is projected to make less money at the box office than Bohemian Rhapsody
  3. Yes, it's all different now. I think it's pretty clear that BIM is her biggest hit of the 2010s despite what any chart peaks say. It is by far her biggest hit on YouTube and Spotify of the recent albums. I think even an argument can be made that GGW has become MDNA's signature song rather than GMAYL. The charts don't measure everything. Even someone like Maluma doesn't necessarily light up the charts but is very popular. Medellin is doing quite well. It's not on BIM pace, but it's outdoing what LFL and Ghosttown did.
  4. I'm fairly certain Madonna has shelved exactly one video ever (American Life) and it was for a very specific reason and it did technically premiere. Shelving a video because it's political sounds like a fan theory but why would that ever happen really? Would it be so explicit that it couldn't be edited differently? If it were too political (determined by who?) wouldn't that be clear during pre-production or filming? It just doesn't seem to hold water.
  5. We don't 100% know those are music videos in the traditional sense people are assuming. They could be other types of things: for the tour, for a documentary. They could be music videos to be released at some point but not as singles per se. There are many options.
  6. Yup! He's from Portugal but NYC based now. He's worked on some of the MDNA Skin campaigns and did some of those videos made in Morocco for Madonna's birthday.
  7. That's true but we've also been spoiled a little! The Medellin video did only come out on April 24 after all. Perhaps there was just indecision about what to choose for the second single?
  8. Yeah, this seems to be a more Give It 2 Me style video, which can be cool and fun. At least we seem to have another more epic video coming at some point from whatever the mystery drag queen/dance/political (aka Killers Who Are Partying, Future, God Control, Come Alive lol) video is
  9. It finished shooting Wednesday apparently, so I don't think quite yet
  10. It's gone from 75 to 20 to 22 on UK airplay the last few weeks. As we saw with Masterpiece and Ghosttown, getting A-listed by Radio 2 is enough to get you top 30 on the UK airplay chart so their support is really nice to get at least a few good chart positions.
  11. She actually said probably about 70% new music, but I could have missed a word and she may have about 70% of the new music or something. Either way, I bet there's a lot of work to be done on the setlist still so I think it's too early to know
  12. We don't have full production credits, but the press release said: "co-produced by Diplo." I'm assuming Madonna is co-producer on all tracks
  13. It's produced by Diplo as mentioned in the press release. Mirwais has 7 writing credits on the album: Medellin, Dark Ballet, God Control, Batuka, Killers Who are Partying, Extreme Occident, and I Don't Search I Find. I would assume he produced these 7 for sure. Starrah had 6 credits: Future (produced by Diplo), Crave (produced by Mike Dean and Billboard), Crazy, Come Alive, Searching for Mercy, I Rise (produced by Billboard). I would assume the ones we don't know were produced by Mike Dean and/or Billboard, although Diplo or even Mirwais might be possible. The two other songs ar
  14. This is song is pretty subtle but it's my favorite single since Hung Up. Bedtime Stories 2019 yasssssss It's simple and cute but also melancholy?
  15. this disco banger is worst rumor ever. Future has already been described as Jamaican dancehall as per the album press release.
  16. Seems to be a decent theory! Come Alive and the phrase Wake Up could be well be incorporated into an upbeat call to action. Could fit with the drag queens and some of the rumors about a political statement. Dark Ballet strikes me as a somewhat experimental fan/critics favorite for sure.
  17. I was thinking it could be something like that too, especially for Come Alive since it really hasn't been mentioned anywhere else and isn't one of the songs getting an itunes release prior to the album.
  18. No, I know lol. I'm not expressing myself correctly. I'm saying that we as fans did not know Madonna was specifically rehearsing and performing at the BBMAs months before. Yes, we know that now in hindsight. I'm saying that, similarly, Madonna may have been rehearsing for Eurovision for a long time and we might not know that yet.
  19. Yes, but we didn't know it one month before the show because we didn't even know she was performing yet! So what I mean is maybe she's also rehearsing for a month before the Eurovision show, we just don't know that at this time.
  20. Did we know she was rehearsing for BBMA a month before?
  21. I think this might happen because May 10 is when the song is released on iTunes but might not be it's big launch, if that makes sense. Future is still coming to iTunes on the 17th after all. So we might get Crave on the 10th, a Eurovision performance on the 18th, and then the video maybe directly after on the 19th? A simpler video can be edited in two weeks.
  22. Yeah, she is almost certainly performing Crave.
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