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  1. Its not Drake's fault, its the stupid ass medias fault because they will do anything to twist something into the pathetic ageist narrative they want...Drake called them out on the bullshit and now his dumb female fans are having meltdowns because Madonna kissed him and he liked it! LOL
  2. Not sure about indie....however, I have always thought of Madonna as the most experimental mainstream big artist!
  3. I do not agree with that, while she was not at her commercial peak she was still doing pretty good, she was listed in billboard as one of the top 10 acts of the 90s still. Still scoring plenty of hit songs as well. No one can keep having albums sell 8 and 10 million forever, she settled into a pretty good range of commercial success. Either way after the early 00s she was pushing 50 so what does anyone expect.
  4. Geez people…now we are talking disorders over a simple make out session with a rapper? Too stupid for words!
  5. Wow…give it a rest already…do you have to address every poster? People react differently to things and it has nothing to do with toughness…Im quite sure Nikki and everyone else is still getting their 8 hours sleep and not calling in sick and even having a few laughs. Those who deal with things or react different are not suffering. Your need along with a few others on this board to regulate people is so fucking absurd!
  6. Thank you so much for this post….the says what I have been feeling perfectly!
  7. Some people are not very observant at all….until he says something you do not know what the look was for, you are assuming. I will say that you do not need to kiss someone that long to find out your disgusted. Obviously something happened toward the very end of the kiss and we can speculate, but being grossed out would have caused someone to have a more instant reaction and they certainly would not have pulled the other person closer by grabbing the back of their head. The press just want to further their agenda into making nothing into something, and the general public is just bothered because their prudes so they want to believe Drake was a innocent victim. Im sure everyone will eventually hear the answer at some point because you know someone will ask him in a interview at some point just like they asked M about Born This Way! At the end of the day it was another fun surprise and I hope the era continues to have them!
  8. Yeah , she was not there to promote her album or music…she was there to support Drake because of his song that mentions her and Im sure she just wanted to have fun with her flirtation with him from before! It was not meant to be a serious performance at all.
  9. I don't think it was about the performance…Madonna intended it to just be a fun little tongue and cheek cameo cougar striptease. It never struck me as being a serious performance.
  10. No performer will ever admit something was planned, why do they ask these dumb questions. Who would ever say something on stage was planned? Anyway, how odd for TMZ to be the one to post the truth!
  11. The press's reaction is not about the kiss. No one is worried about just press reaction. Several people including myself have continued to say it was not comments or the press in general…it was the fictitious narrative about Drakes disgust. Either way its done and over.
  12. Be careful…remember to fall in line or you will be branded negative! You must be strong but yet afraid to have a different point of view LOL
  13. What kind of rapper ever says no? I mean have rappers really become that weak?
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