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  1. She's busy with preparing for the tour, she had to cancel the first week because not enough time! or (and i might get rapped for this) david didn't invite her/ she never really liked him ???!! seems implausible, but the only reasons I could think of.
  2. Madonna taking some precious time out of her busy life to call friends to say she doesn't like (Drake) the subject in a blind item? For a revenge?
  3. Yes, it's like coffee. Can't start my day without coffee, can't prepare for work without Rebel Heart.
  4. I like dancing to Iconic but when it comes to the part 'Iconic..(eek ick ick ick ick ick ick).. ironic..(eek ick ick ick ick ick ick), makes me dance like all wiggly, jumpy and jerky weirdness.
  5. Sorry I had to delete it. Turns out it wasn't M, just looked quite like her
  6. And my 3-year old niece would wonder why the play button isn't working
  7. It's a day in the life of M. Her ego might be hurt but like you said, she has seen worse. I'm guessing she's more concerned on getting laid soon. it's been 2 weeks!
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