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  1. You have the biggest camp pop audience on earth to promote for your brandnew album - and then you give them a half-baked version of LaP, a politcal speech and a song they are obviously not interested in? That doesn't sound very clever.
  2. The crowd loved to see Madonna and wanted to party with her and her hits. She was introduced by the moderators and they sang together Music. And then...
  3. The problem is, the performance did not get better. The monk chants were much too long with her in the extremely unfavorable cape, the preachy middle part was too long, dark and preachy and Future wasn't the right song for this performance. It might have fit for Coachella or Glastonbury but not for this camp pop event. There was absolutely no big audience for it. I like Future, but Crave or Medellin would've been so much better.
  4. Every person lives in a bubble of their own, also Madonna. Sometimes it is obvious that she wants to teach people more than they need. Not that that's bad, but sometimes it's just inappropriate or just too much. She obviously didn't know much about the ESC.
  5. Madonna should have known that everyone in the audience knows the disputes in the Middle East. That's why they wanted to celebrate and enjoy a time without war and violence together - and without pictures of violence and gas masks.
  6. Go to the Eurovision forums: It has nothing to do with her fans. No one liked her performance. At the Met gala last year she was brilliant and at the Eurovision Song Contest she spoilt it completely. Madame X had a very bad day and terrible advisers.
  7. I know that she can sing beautifully live and it would have been a great experience together with my friends and family to enjoy a decent version of Like a Prayer because it's the song everyone likes - even most Madonna haters. I love her voice and I wonder how she can sing like an opera singer sometimes - and sometimes shes not able to find simple first notes of her greatest hits she sang a hundred times. I guess that's one of the secrets of Madame X.
  8. It's awkward if you want to prove to your friends and family what a great singer Madonna is - and then Eurovision 2019 happens.
  9. It was supposedly the part with her speech between Like a Prayer and Future.
  10. That's a pity, because "Beautiful Game" sounded so much more promising than this "new version".
  11. The iconic lines "Live is a mystery, everyone must stand alone" are absolutely essential Madonna. If she is not able to sing them perfectly she shouldn't do it - especially not at the beginning of a performance that is seen by millions of vewers around the world. She spoiled her own performance completely in the first seconds. After that the performance did not get better.
  12. That is why it is strange why she didn't sing these well-known lines loud, clear and precise.
  13. That's it: I know she can sing perfectly and watched the show with my friends and family. Unfortunately I had to agree with them, when everyone said that she sang terrible.
  14. That's what I thought. She seemed very insecure and it was obvious that she had problems with the sound in her in-ears. She should finally resolve these constant problems with her sound team consistently.
  15. Yes, it worked as an artistic and dramatic piece of art. But not so well as an entertainment intervall act at a "camp pop festival" in Israel.
  16. I support her artistic and political point of view but the performance was musically and dramatically not well executed. Her American Life video is an example that she can do it so much better: Powerfull, epic and tongue in cheek.
  17. The apocalyptic war theme with gasmasks didn't help. The Met gala performance was absolutely wonderful. Everyone praised it because it was beautiful and uplifting. She turned it completely into something very uncomfortable.
  18. She was totally off key. Obviously problems with the in ear headphones as usually.
  19. That's funny, because the Eurovision organizers are sure she will present her "brand-new single". https://eurovision.tv/story/madonna-performs-new-single-future-with-quavo-eurovision-2019
  20. The more I listen to the songs, the harder it is for me to rate them individually. Each one shines for themselves. Even Champagne Rosé fits surprisingly good into the musical world of Madame .
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