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  1. Hallelujah!!! So glad at least one other person listened to Madonna's statement about half the demo's not being included on the album.

    That statement came after the first 13 Leaks. They definately release(d) 6 of these first leaked tracks. If it's true that the other half will get no release (Rebel Heart and Messiah are safe) so we must fear for Addicted, Borrowed Time, Heartbreak City, Revolution and Wash All Over Me. Propably one of the Avicii tracks will be released on his own next album.

  2. It does end too quickly. That last chorus is just glorious and uplifting and then... BAM, it's over. Needs a few more choruses at the end with some ad-lib.

    I'm sure that many of the leaked demos are very short edits. It's suspicious that most of them are 3:30 - 4:30 - that's typical radio format. The demos were obviously edited to get examined by the label or producers.

  3. Didn't she hashtag I love you from inside out?

    So we could have this tracks on the album:

    1. Living for Love
    2. Devil Pray
    3. Ghosttown
    4. Unapologetic Bitch
    5. Illuminati
    6. Bitch, I'm Madonna
    7. Rebel Heart
    8. Joan of Ark
    9. Heartbreak City
    10. Messiah
    11. Iconic
    12. Revolution
    13. Art for Freedom
    14. Sex
    15. Holy Water
    16. Veni Vidi Vici
    17. Inside Out
    18. ?
    19. ?

    I guess Wash All Over be is in too. But who knows...

  4. well we have to wait and see if they'll correct it, there are other technical issues with Ghosttown, that cut at @.33

    Unlikely - it's intended. Madonna already used the static vinyl noise as stylistic tool 1992 for the Erotica album to create a retro mood. You can hear that sound notably at the beginning of the Erotica single. No productions defect can result such an identical noise.

  5. If Rebel Heart was a classic 10 track vinyl album, this would be my tracklist:

    Side A

    01 Living for Love (single 1)

    02 Two Steps Behind

    03 Iconic (single 5)

    04 Inside Out

    05 Ghosttown (single 4)

    Side B

    01 Rebel Heart (single 2)

    02 Devil Pray

    03 Joan of Arc

    04 Heartbreak City

    05 Wash All Over Me (single 3)

    Single b-sides:

    Hold Tight

    Graffiti Heart

    Best Night

    Never Let you Go (Christmas version retitled "Let it Snow") ;)

    Beautiful Scars

  6. 1. Living For Love

    2. Devil Pray

    3. Ghosttown

    4. Unapologetic Bitch

    5. Illuminati

    6. Bitch I'm Madonna

    7. Joan of Arc

    8. Rebel Heart

    9. Wash All Over Me

    10. Inside Out

    11. Hold Tight

    12. Addicted

    13. Best Night

    14. Veni Vidi Vici

    15. Holy Water

    16. Messiah

    17. Heartbreak City

    18. S.E.X.

    19. Iconic

    Nearly perfect. But I guess Madonna has some unexpected tracks behind the hand to spoil that tracklist... :horny:

  7. Of the mentioned: Rebel Heart - or Iconic in a heavy reworked version. Maybe it's really time for a great ballad - but do we have a really standoud ballad? Messiah is epic but depressing, Ghosttown is only a nice double a-side and Joan of Arc is sugarsweet & innoxious. Inside Out and Heartbreak City could work completely rearranged but don't have the moving lyrics for a huge ballad.

    ... but really outrageous, unexpected and irresistible catchy would be only one song: Two Steps Behind Me. Imagine the possibilities of a remixed and reworked song - and more the unbelievable video - maybe including Gaga, Britney, Christina, Katy and Beyoncé. Yes, thats my vote - let's think rebellious & big! ;)

  8. ^ great list! But you forgot Veni vidi vici.

    To be honest: I adore any leaked demo and it's impossible to exclude one track because any demo could get a masterpiece if its reworked. Veni Vidi Vici has much potential - like Revolution or the Arabian tracks. Let's see what happens. The song material is strong enough for 2 great albums. But we must realize, that one or another of our favourites will be missed on the album...

  9. Do you think it's possible that Madonna's team could be reading these forums to see which songs the fans prefer and getting the general feedback so they know how to make the album as good as it can be?

    It's possible - but I'm not one of them. ;)

    My dream track list for the album:

    01 Living For Love

    02 Unapologetic Bitch

    03 Heartbreak City

    04 Illuminati

    05 Ghosttown

    06 Iconic

    07 Wash All Over Me

    08 Rebel Heart

    09 The One That Got Away

    10 Tragic Girl

    11 Devil Pray

    12 Best Night

    13 Graffiti Heart

    14 Hold Tight

    15 Messiah

    16 Inside Out

    17 Never Let You Go

    18 Joan of Arc

    19 Bitch I'm Madonna

    + Bonus tracks:

    Two Steps Behind Me (Gaga knows it and didn't collapse)

    Nothing Lasts Forever

    Beautiful Scars

    Borrowed Time

    This album will become huge! :)

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