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  1. Location: Manila 2 LP Vinyl US Standard Edition CA Deluxe Edition PH Super Deluxe US iTunes Digital PH Living For Love Single NL
  2. Omg. Ghosttown and BIM instrumentals. They are out there somewhere.
  3. Just rang MCA Music Philippines and their marketing said target release is March 9 for Deluxe version. The only one that's to be released here. So that means i need to import the standard and super deluxe. As for the vinyl they will release it here a little later than the CD. They also plan to give out postcards or posters to buyers. Nothing is finalized yet for promo items.
  4. No more Queen and Autotune Baby? Well we should be thankful by now about the leaks.
  5. From great demos to pffttt final versions: wash all over me, rebel heart, beautiful scars, inside out. From tacky demos to 'pump up the volume' final versions: holy water, sex, veni vedi vici, iconic, hold tight.
  6. Yes. She got rid of "I still feel shitty" line.
  7. S.E.X. is way better! I love how she replaced the bridge with rap abt things related to sex such as raw meat and all that kinkiness.
  8. If it's Vogue then she repeated herself. She did Vogue in Deeper and Deeper. I don't understand why it's kept under wraps. But surprises are good. Speaking of Hooper I love his work. Incl All Saints debut.
  9. I think they only said Inside Out has some rework that is obvious but near to the demo. And that SEX and Holy Water were now superb. The only disappointment was what happened to Hold Tight. But who knows, we all have preferences.
  10. What's this a new leak? In this era only one song reached the length of 6 mins based on above.
  11. madmicmar

    New Album Thread - without Demos

    I hope RH lives up to both COADF and HC where if you chk wikipedia it debuted #1 in all major outlets or countries.
  12. madmicmar

    What is RH main sound?

    Urban electronic dance pop.
  13. The last chorus where Annie slays... hey yeah!!!
  14. The final/solo version that leaked w/o the featured rappers is way better. I had a lot more respect to the song than the first demo. I love the instrumental part. If she will perform this live i can imagine a mer girl/ sky fits heaven fight sequence on the breakdown part.
  15. Wow. Without peeking at the results i voted for Holy Water - out. Addicted - in. And they're both winning.
  16. My friends and I jammed to Addicted, Borrowed Time and Freedom. I don't think they'll buy it without them. But thankful Inside Out made it. I just hope the rest were reworked ala Devil Pray that it yook the demo to another level.
  17. It's fun matching those tracks to what's on iTunes. As if you're answering school exam. But applying it to a playlist seemed not right as some don't fit consecutively. Just my opinion.
  18. Forgettable. But cmon I ain't saving these files when there's no real artwork to go with. When's that single cover coming out?
  19. madmicmar

    Official Album Cover DISCUSSION

    Is there an application that you can "Rebel Heart-ize" your pic? Celebration cover before has it.
  20. I hope this will build up more before the Grammy's. New songs of other artists out there are making buzz and L4L might be overlooked.
  21. The sound quality is not that good as it seemed a not so polished demo but recorded in HQ. The leak was 320kbps. There is another low quality version of it with hiccups and dropouts throughout the song and the bitrate is only 112kbps.
  22. I have a question and won't ask for a link or something. When I got hold of the leaks batches 1 and 2 I got them in HQ 320kbps except for Inside Out which is only 128kbps. Does it have a HQ too? So i can search for it more. Thanks.