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  1. I liked him a lot. Plus the couple
  2. Butterflies in my stomach. She’s the greatest performer to ever grace this planet. Yet, I feel kind of nervous for her
  3. I’m watching it on cable - DW. there’s a freak with a star on top of his head now
  4. Thanks. Oh the stuff I won’t endure for Madonna
  5. What a fun video this could be. Madame X as a saint, like a gatekeeper of sorts, in heaven, deciding who gets to see the future (=the afterlife) because of what they learned from the past and who doesn’t. Anyway, Twitter is loving the song so far.
  6. Not crazy about Future at all, but I can see this song finding an audience out there. And this will continue to increase the number of YT subscribers and Spotify listeners, who will potentially give the album a try. At the end of the day, far more people from different walks of life and maybe ages might end up having access to the “less commercial” songs on the album than they would otherwise. I think the big picture is looking good, and there seems to be a masterplan this time.
  7. You might be on to something. The end of Medellin sounds as if it was leading into something else during the fadeout
  8. Yeah, I feel the same way. Its funny how when RH came out, I loved it to bits, but over time I lost interest. The only song I keep coming back to is Devil Pray, which was my favorite from the get go. And now having had a glimpse of what Madame X has in store for us, I can tell it’s a different animal - especially in the production/vocal department. RH has strong melodies, but, in hindsight, there seems to be something missing- hard to put my finger on what.
  9. I think I was referring to her post-Confessions output in general, especially HC and MDNA.
  10. To me, I Rise sounds a bit Rebel Heartish, but much, much better produced and mastered. So, the cohesiveness that we’re all after, in the end, might have more to do with (1) the flawless production, (2) the way she’s using her voice (vulnerable or asserive, depending on what she wants to convey) and (3) the fact that she’s not trying too hard. The three tracks don’t sound desperate or trend-chasing. Yes, she’s singing with younger partners, but from the point of view of the woman she has become.
  11. UB is the one song on RH I always skip, so I hope future has a different sound.
  12. Given how little time she’s had to rehearse and being the perfectionist that she is, I’m relieved she’s going to do a rehash of the metgala, which she must’ve rehearsed to death. Plus Future, of course. The metgala got almost unanimous praise, but for the GP it was a non-event, wasn’t it? So imagine that, on a larger stage, watched by 200m people!!!
  13. Suspicious, uh? Long ... Why would he post such a thing?
  14. Isn’t Quavo the one flying to Israel? Or is S Lee also rumored to be going there? edit; Forget it. Just read SL’s cryptic message
  15. I haven’t heard it in São Paulo yet. Not even once. Any other Brazilians here? Os it the same in your city?
  16. I might be in the minority here, but, given a choice, I’d rather she had a top 3 album with some longevity than a number 1 album with a massive week 2-3-4 drop.
  17. This era might be her last huge one. The rollout so far has exceeded all my expectations. There might be a flaw or two, a song choice we’re not crazy about, a minor thing we wish they’d gotten right(er). But, honestly, I wish we could cut her a little slack. Just a little. She’s a queen, not a goddess. There’s got to be some sort of compromise between complacency and whining.
  18. But did you guys notice that so far M has co-produced each and every song? This might explain why these tracks sound so fresh and so different. It feels like, I don’t know, they give you space to breathe.
  19. I’m so torn about this whole radio thing. Part of me would love her to have another hit. Part of me says, oh, f**k radio. But we know M likes to base her tours on the latest albums, so the more well-known a song is, the more the audience will engage with the new material. But then I listen to what’s currently playing on the radio, and I tell myself: thank god M is not churning out that kind of shit.
  20. I’m going through a pretty shitty phase in my life right now, so checking these threads every two hours or so is the only thing that’s giving me life really. Medellin is the only song I get goosebumps to, but I’m ok with the others - especially Crave, which I think is her best shot at a moderate AC hit in the US. But, you know what, this is the era in which I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that her singles might never chart again BUT THATS OK. What she’s done with these songs goes way way beyond trend-chasing. They’re more organic, less in your face, more adult, for lack of a better word. As I said, I’m not crazy about IR or C, but it’s the production that keeps me coming back for more. I’m no expert, but the production seems flawless across the board. I keep hearing new nuances with each listen, and COADF was the last time I felt like this.
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