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  1. Someone also remastered the tracks from the demos that did not make the official RH release. look for Revolutionary Heart. 15 tracks deep... like a whole new album. Trust no bitch was also extended.
  2. Easily her best since Ray of Light, and those in between are stellar too, but this Rebel Heart.... my god. MADONNA... WE SPEAK YOUR NAME!
  3. THOSE FUCKEN CAPES!!! ENOUGH WITH THAT WHOLE FUCKEN THEME ALREADY GODDAMNIT! JUST SLAY! ugh... man im crushed. i hope she's ok. the way this whole era is turning out, i wouldnt put it past her to scrap tour plans. :/
  4. Nirvana have to wait for the 20th anniversary to release boxsets with this much material. We are getting these before the album is even released p.s. i agree with the previous comments, Inside Out Demo slays the official album version
  5. hammerstein ballroom and hollywood palladium in LA didnt hear it from me tho
  6. my point exactly, all these remaining non-leaked songs sound so far from the demos, it almost seems intentional and with no cohesion... dare i say rushed?
  7. TRICK YES i find it awfully suspicious that the first "rushed-released" 6 tracks sound very similar to the demos, but these remaining tracks have all been reworked or hacked. Wonder if these would have still be similar to the demos had they not been leaked.
  8. Yes... everyone needs to stop discussing their opinions and just shut the fuck up cause god forbid you actually do that on a DISCUSSION board! *eyeroll* anyways... demos are fucken awesome. shame to see some didnt make the cut, but glad to hear of this "supposed" super-dupper fan deluxe edition.
  9. yes they are... madonna said it herself when she asked us all not to listen to them cause they arent complete OR in audiophile quality. Instagram toots. look it up.
  10. greatful for what?!?! some f*cken half-assed low quality stolen demos? much like everyone else, i was simply stating what tracks i would have liked to see make the final cut. so check yourself.
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