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  1. Thank you in advance. I really hope that new leaked stuff will appear ONLY AFTER the album's release. But I hope sooner than Shame . And I am still waiting for the complete Rain Tapes demos from 1992 WAOM is my favorite demo. I know that many fans didn't like it very much, but for me is very good. I love its music (violins in primis) and lyrics. Only my opinion.
  2. So it's more perfect and I already love it I hope we'll can hear it oneday
  3. what a mess The demo of WAOM #3 you heard, in what is it different from the leaked #2?
  4. Thank you for your post. I chosen the parts most important for me. You express very well why I love Madonna, me too. Thank you again. Forgive me for my awful english: I am italian and my english is not fluenty at all.
  5. I hope we'll have an official boxset with all these gems
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