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  1. Exactly, yet Cher is quite older than Madonna, and she is coming out on stage in a nude suit but no one says anything about that, yet Madonna makes a provacative appearance and all of a sudden she is too old to be dressing or singing a certain way :/
  2. Naw she has shown hate before saying some stuff along the lines of Madonna not being incredibly talented or pretty yada yada, so it only makes sense that now she continues to spew her venom, at least thats what it looks like.
  3. Realistically, after a time span of 25-26 years would Madonna really want to get back together with Sean Penn? There's been many guys in the past who for whatever reason didn't stick around, even Guy Ritchie who she was married to and had a kid with, so in reality really why would she want to rikindle something so done dusted and buried?
  4. The old bag is at it again. Well she's supposedly really ill and could potentially pass, so rather than focus on getting better she's out spewing her venom and showing her hate. Shame really.
  5. I'll be the garden You be the snake All of my fruit is yours to take... Love it, has always been one of my favorites from the Confessions album!
  6. Yeah I totally agree there are many more other worthy artists Madonna could show support towards, why Miley Cyrus? All she's known for lately is how trailer trash she is
  7. Yeah but Miley Cyrus is just complete trash and using someone like her to build hype for a come back is a really stupid move in my opinion
  8. I am sick of all the posts of miley cyrus Madonna seems to be putting up lately. I really don't see what the praise is all about, what does Miley Cyrus have to offer with her come back? She's just a trashy little bit** and regardless of the love I have for Madonna this is really turning me off
  9. Lol yes not to mention that there was no explicit content sticker on bedtime stories if really two words in a song were that big of a deal
  10. Of course they can't say anything about the way she can put all the pop tarts nowadays to shame, so what is their next choice, her age of course
  11. Without the whole "I'm not your bitch, dont hang your shit on me" line Human nature was a bust. I mean was it really necessary to do that? Couldn't they just have put a explicit content sticker on the cover if it really was such a big deal to have two swear words in a song?
  12. I'm glad the Miles away got no votes how could that even be in such a category? It was a great song a under rated gem from hard candy alongside devil wouldn't recognize you in my opinion. I voted for GMAYL the song is just garbage I don't know why she even chose to sing it let alone release it as a promo for an album. A close 2nd for me would be American pie. Very irritating song no offence to those who like it
  13. Such a hard decision to make because Beautiful Stranger brings back such great memories for me as a kid, but I think Beautiful Killer would get my vote only for its saultry innuendos and also because it didn't get the exposure it deserved. On the other hand, how great of a mash up would both songs make together for her future tour?
  14. I am quite confident she can be ready before then. The songs are done, if there is a tweak to make here and there I say just do it and release it. I think the album has more potential to reach its full success that way rather than delay it and have leaks surfacing every week.
  15. I remember seeing the who's that girl tour only on video cassette when ciao italia was released and she sounded terrible in that tour. But I would say my least favorite tour has to be reinvention because although there are some great moments there were also the boring moments where it seemed she tried to play the serious persona a bit too much and forgot that as an entertainer most people like to see her have fun on stage and dance and get a party going.
  16. Beautiful Killer (It is such a Madonna song, and unfortunately it didn't get the exposure it should have) Girl Gone Wild (Also an authentic Madonna song that would have done much better released as the album's lead singer rather than Gimmie All your luvin that sounded like a Miley Cyrus reject) Gang Bang Best Friend I Don't Give A.... Unfortunately there were some really great tracks on this album that got mixed up in some really terrible songs that had nothing of the Madonna we all know and love. Luckily Rebel Heart seems to make the exception and will make for an amazing come back for her.
  17. Hey guys new member here, and stupid in love with Madonna, lol. I couldn't contain myself and listened to the second leak of songs, but of course I will be buying the album when it comes out, which in my opinion should be much sooner than the set time because if she waits until March the leaks will continue and it will kill the promotion of the album. There are only three songs I feel iffy about, Graffiti Heart, Body Shop and the song that is supposed to be feauturing Pharell. Every other song is amazing in its own way, and I can see Ghost Town becoming a huge hit.
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