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  1. This song is my favorite. I'm love it so much. I like the demo and I like the final version of it as well. This is the type of music Madonna should be making. I'm so proud of her for making this very sweet song.
  2. I feel the exact same way. I will never again listen to leaked demos before an album is released. I like the demos so much more than the final product. It's so disappointing.
  3. I really hope not. There are still better songs than those that she could put on that super deluxe version.
  4. Inside Out! I'm very disappointed that a couple of really great songs didn't make the cut but at least...at the VERY LEAST...Inside Out made it! That song is beyond fabulous!
  5. Saw the listing. Very disappointed Beautiful Scars didn't make it. So what does everyone know about the supposed 6 tracks on the deluxe edition. Is it confirmed to be true? If so maybe it'll make that listing.
  6. Just saw the track listing. Very disappointed...two very great songs didn't make it.
  7. I admit I wondered if Madonna herself did it as well, but she wouldn't allow that many of them to leak. But it is weird that the FBI can't seem to solve this mystery in this day and age.
  8. I like this listing. It's perfection. No wait, no it isn't. You didn't include Beautiful Scars on it.
  9. After all this time, they still don't know who stole this music from her and leaked it. In this day and age? That's a little strange.
  10. I'm pretty sure she did. It was one of the first she did. Edit: I saw where others had reported the Jesus with the wires as well.
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