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  1. only about 1 person in the thread had it yesterday and was admitting it, now about 4 have it and are admitting it. so im guessing about 8 people on atrl have it, 20 more probs have it who arent on atrl. my guess is it'll leak within the next 20 days.
  2. about half the regulars in the rebel heart thread on atrl have it. one of them has the super deluxe and posted a snippet of queen.
  3. 1. Autotune Baby - I think this will leak next because I've seen people (even on here) talking about it 2. Alone with You 3. Trust No Bitch 4. Score 5. Eye Wide Open 6. Act Like A Man 7. Heard 8. Take a Day 9. Mission 10. Objects, 11. When I Flip The Switch 12. Win Again so this is all that hasn't leaked???
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