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  1. A lesson in sexology. She's gonna teach you how to fuck.
  2. One of my favorite songs I can't stop listening to it over and over. I want a video for it (single or tour as long as there's a video)
  3. I kinda agree and disagree. I really like BIM and I think it deserves to be a single. I think this albums deserves at least 7/8 singles it has a lot to offer! it's not like others don't do it. I'm pretty upset at the lack of singles from previous albums. pretty much since coafd/hc. I have faith in her team and I don't think they're going to play the HC/MDNA card, they are aware that us fans are upset especially after all the expectations we had on MDNA (not trashing the album, I'm talking about promo). We want singles and videos and we want Madonna to be present. I see a different attitude. Also she's openly talking about ageism and clearly doesn't want to stop now -one of the arguments I listened to was she's old now she doesn't care about releasing singles- She had never delivered an album with so much songs, I think it would be the worst to release only 3 songs. She's flooding us with promo everywhere. She's the queen, she's 56 and proud, she's here to stay and she wants people to know it. Releasing BIM won't prevent BN (feat Drake pleeeease) or VVV to be released.
  4. I honestly don't hear any difference between LFL and LFL alternate. I have a remastered version of rebel heart demo it's heaven although the final version grew on me.
  5. what's the lenght of the new devil pray? does it include a storm sound at the beginning?
  6. She says I can't Icon two letters appart. My bad apparently she does say I can? Gosh. I can't with this song one time i hear can't then can. I want this on tour and a single because fuck.
  7. Thank you Msig! Oh my God! Where can I find those remixes Living for 92??
  8. Guys I was wondering where can I get the Offer Nassim Living for Drums remix? (from an official source)
  9. So what happened with Queen, Autotune Baby, Joan of Arc Acoustic and Iconic (Extended)? did they had a royal flush?
  10. thanks to you Roland! She was flaw free I saw her texting to Diplo when she got in the car. I was so close I could have stole her iphone LOL
  11. You are known for reinventing yourself, how much of it is planned
  12. It was amazing! I saw Madonna leave her hotel thank you Rolland can't believe I saw her a few meters from me. Paparazzis most have posted their pics online already. My phone went flat so my old iphone took the most shitty pics EVER but I'm sharing one anyway. I'm so embarrassed I should have recorded a video. It was so fast! I am SO SORRY for the extreme bad quality of this shit I need to invest in an actual camera. this is shit.
  13. Sweet pies I'm at the exit of le grand journal right now there's a few hopeless fans? Stalkers? Waiting for her (can't you see they're waiting?) Anyhoe I think I won't even see her car! I think I'm gonna go to the Meurice
  14. Damn! I forgot it was close! I've been a few times to le grand journal either in the audience or outside. I can go. I went for Cher and I didn't even see a piece of wig. They just drive (bitch!). But I'm going anyway perhaps someone will know in which hotel she stays #unapologeticfan #notastalker
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