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  1. Read 24 pages on the train to work and also at work...! How exciting!!
  2. Sorry if this is late to the party but I just went to Ms Spotify and now there is LAP 30th anniversary listed...?!?!? With Supernatural!! Ive pretty much been living in this thread so apologies if this was discussed in another forum.
  3. I think she would appreciate Stephen Colbert’s hunour... I really like the SNL idea
  4. Oh, I guess she decided to take over posting from her team with the latest X!
  5. I’m so excited for how potentially conceptual this could possibly be. It feels much more organic with M playing an array of female ideals rather than simply dressing up ala The Matador (even though she looked great)...
  6. I don’t think it has anything to do with 10 April as the X is too random for a date. From a social media perspective it would build up more hype if she just listed a date without any other info. i think X has to do with the new album or song title
  7. Other than the internet gays, has the X been reported on in the regular media? I kinda feel like it hasn’t been noticed...
  8. I hate these type of articles, just reinforces the stereotypes about her which the GP seem to swallow time and time again. Certainly doesn’t ever get mentioned about Elton John or Barbra who have been doing ‘duets’ with younger and newer stars for decades, and with pre made hits from their back catalogue to boot. Mariah can’t fart without a featuring. Dolly’s Dumplin LP is full of duets and re-recordings yet she has been praised. nb. I LOVE dolly so that wasn’t shade, just pointing out the BS. That tweet about Paul McCartney is very telling and should be shoved into th
  9. Yes Blondie were the first... and this was pre MTV.
  10. Maybe it’ll be a mid to LAP 30th anniversary
  11. Off topic butnis there ANY way to get a ticket to the Sunday Pride Island event?! Does anyone have any connections?!!!
  12. I know, which I feel super grateful about! Was also hoping to see the queen as well
  13. Just a pride related question, if she performs would it be at Pridefest or the Closing Ceremony? I missed out on tickets to Sunday pridefest... is there any point buying a ticket for Saturday?!
  14. I think it would be better if Monet threw the brick... if indeed this is the synopsis.
  15. The amount of misogynist shit that has been dumped on this woman every step of her career is mind boggling. And it’s really all down to her not apologizing for her sexuality, her flaws or for being a woman. Id love to compile a video that could go viral on social media so people can be educated and respect her. There’s one clip from 1994 where one of Aerosmith says he wants to finger her wheile she’s standing next to him I. Front of an audience and on tv. Could you imagine Beyoncé, Taylor or any of the other pop princesses from the last few decades copping that crap. She of cour
  16. ^^ is this recent? From the hair it looks older... I thought she’d been looking thinner recently too.
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