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  1. This is definately one of my faves off the album. Just so haunting, emotional and powerful.
  2. You will enjoy it I'm sure! I am playing it one final time before bed! (I should really get to sleep!) lol and I keep loving it more and more! I definitely think its her best album since COADF, if not one of my favourites. But maybe its early to say that but still... I can say its fantastic!!!
  3. Finished my play of the new 10 tracks.... WOW! Favourites are HeartBreakCity, Inside Out, Wash All Over Me. Holy Water, VVV, S.E.X, Messiah, Rebel Heart are all growing on me and I'm playing them all again and I'm finding myself liking different ones! But Surprised (pleasantly) about Holy Water! (Ok people moaning about the lyrics but its abit of fun !) Only one I'm not keen on at the moment is Best Night. But I can see myself maybe liking it after a few plays. Shall see!! I was blown away by HeartBreakCity and WAOM and the emotion in those songs. Such an amazing album!!! A lot of it was MORE than I expected and I am really impressed by it! Will go to bed tonight and can't wait to play the album again full tomorrow!!!
  4. Playing it for the second time ever now... OMG its one of my favourites! I'm an Inside Outer!
  5. Yes I am! I'm on WAOM now! Wow! Just taking it all in... Favourite so far as HeartBreakCity! I am loving Rebel Heart so far... Letting it Wash all over me! Lol
  6. WOAH! Listening to this for the first time right now.... I'm instantlyblown away by how emotional and powerful this song, the lyrics, the music, the anger in her voice!!! Beautiful!
  7. I'm peeing myself with excitement! I was going to play from the beginning - but I can hardly wait so I skipped to Hold Tight so I only have a couple of tracks to play.... Haven't played any if the 9 tracks for the last few days so its all fresh. Tomorrow I will play it from the beginning (probably over and over!)
  8. ME TOO! I think I listened to 1 demo that came out in November (so before M releases the tracks) but can't remember what it was or what it sounded like... So I only know the 9 official tracks. Tomorrow is release day for me (UK!) can't wait!! I don't know what to expect!!!!!
  9. Why does the UK have to be the 9th? I can't wait..... No C'mon I can I've waited for months I can wait a few more days!!!
  10. I'm a semi RH virgin too... 10 new tracks for me come March 9th! Not including the Super Deluxe Version aswell which I will also get but getting excited. Might stop listening to M for a few days before to make it more exciting! Lol
  11. I'm having a struggle guys... I have no self control! I really want to save myself for March 9th to listen to the full album and to stop listening to the 9 tracks until then.... But I don't know how I can arghhhhh lol Ah ok thanks, I will probs get the Deluxe Digital and maybe the Super Deluxe physical then.
  12. I've probably missed something... If so don't shoot me but.... On UK iTunes there is only the Standard and Deluxe versions? Of course I preordered the Deluxe as soon as I could in December but this Super Deluxe that is supposedly coming.... Where is it? Or is it confirmed to only being released in physical format?
  13. Fab performance apart from that fall but OMG that was awful just glad she didn't break anything with a fall like that!!! Its fab she carried on - like the theme of the song but that did look awful! Hopefully she won't be hurting too much after it but it must have been a shock!
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